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At Brooklyn College, a key part of the City University of New York system, its more than 13,000 undergraduate “students receive a quality education for a fraction of the price,” especially for in-state residents. Autonomy is woven throughout the curricula and activities; one class required students “to input topics we would like to see on the syllabus, creating a more engaged environment,” and “there are so many different options of choosing your own schedule.” Students can also take part in special programs such as First College Year, which is designed to help students transition to the social and academic aspects of higher education the summer before their first year, or can avail themselves of what one respondent considers “the greatest strength of my school…[the] tons of resources and help throughout the semester” provided by the Magner Career Center. The administration also makes sure that students “can find answers to possibly any and all questions you may have,” and provides “resources I can’t find anywhere else,” such as “advisement, trainings/workshops, [and] work readiness workshops.”

Classes are varied and may include fieldwork or interactive labs, which creates “an active learning environment and further learning about what is taught in lectures.” An increase in online courses has been said to provide “an innovative way [of] learning without walls.” These learning environments succeed in “encouraging students to speak freely and challenge ideas in a respectful way.” In addition, “professors…push you in a good way” and are “very kind and understanding as well as extremely knowledgeable in their subjects” and “keep in touch regularly.”

Student Body

Students here “come from all different countries, cultures and religions,” and “everyone has a place to fit in...no matter what boxes you as a student may or may not tick off.” This diversity helps create an environment where students are constantly “learning something new from everyone’s own perspectives and shared experiences” and are “welcoming, kind, and always willing to get together to study.” Brooklyn College is primarily a commuter school, and everyone “has a common goal and is serious about their future.” Students “constantly want the best for each other while also pushing each other to discover their potentials,” and “there’s an effort to make everyone seen.” The strong sense of community means “people aren’t shy to help each other out, share views, and create safe spaces for everyone to thrive,” and “you will be able to find friends and peers from cultures all over the world.” There “are very close-knit relationships among the student body, whether it’s between students or with professors as well.” Ultimately “everybody gets very comfortable with one another and ends up getting…together at the food plaza right behind the library.” One student confirms: “I never feel out of place when I am in school and whenever I need help, someone is always willing to assist me.”

Campus Life

The Brooklyn “campus is beautiful [with] lots of space,” and since it is located in a mass transit hub, there are “many ways of traveling easily” around New York City. One student says, “I took a class called Arts in NYC and we took many trips outside the classroom to the Metropolitan Opera, various museums, other plays/theater events.” Though no dorms are available through the school itself, residences are available through an associated nonprofit organization. The campus “closes late, [so] there’s lots of access to buildings and rooms on site” for those that need a place (like the library) to study or meet, and there are also “many tables and benches around the campus so we have more than enough space [to] hang around.” Activities give a further reason to linger, with plenty of “very diverse and fun” clubs, ranging from badminton to ASL. The student government “[holds] different events that help students communicate and connect with others,” and the especially popular movie nights are “usually well-known movies so more students can participate and converse with other students or staff.”

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Student Center
Lily Pond
Library Cafe
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Magner Center, James Hall

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Brooklyn Museum
Brooklyn Academy of Music
Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Brooklyn Public Library
Prospect Park

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Campus Tours
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Times: 10:00 am and 3:00 pm
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JFK and Laguardia Airports. NY Taxis, MTA Subway and buses.


Applicants: 26,603
Acceptance Rate: 54%
Average HS GPA: 3.40



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