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Edgewood College is a "small and welcoming" school with a "beautiful" campus "located on Lake Wingra" in Madison, Wisconsin. "The class sizes are small, so you get to know everyone, including professors," which makes for "a small tight-knit education" while still allowing students to experience "a big city and the opportunities presented there." "It's a small campus, but you get all the benefits of living in "the large, vibrant city of Madison." Edgewood is a Catholic school and employs the "Dominican values of truth, justice, compassion, partnership, and community in every area of the college." However, some see Edgewood as "a slightly more advanced version of a high school," but there is "a rather large price tag." "Half of the students are lazy slackers, and while the diligent learners are awarded financially, they are stuck fighting against a barrage of low expectations and sub-par adjunct faculty," suggests one student. Others say "professors at Edgewood are very passionate and have a wide range of knowledge and experience on their subject." "While I have not been thrilled with every class I've taken," one English major says, "the vast majority of my courses have been and are fun and meaningful while providing a good challenge for me."

Student Body

There are many different types of students at Edgewood, explains one student, "it reminds me of a high school setting with cliques and popularity." Others say "we have so many types of students and everyone can fit in" and students "just [need to] get involved and be willing to meet new people." "Because of Edgewood College being a private institution, there is a mix of students…from very privileged and wealthy families to full scholarship students," although "the majority of students are great people." "A true Edgewood student is involved, active, friendly, driven, and passionate," although students can "range from apathetic to outstanding." Partying is very common at Edgewood, despite the dry campus, because students head off campus to bars in Madison. The drinking culture and apathy of some students can "negatively impact the academic atmosphere," and there is a significant problem with students "skipping class." "People skip [classes] due to hangovers or shopping trips, or they just feeling too lazy to leave their room."

Campus Life

Because of Edgewood's proximity to the University of Wisconsin—Madison student life is pretty similar off campus, as students may head to University of Wisconsin—Madison's campus—which is "more fun"—or mingle with its students at bars. "The campus is dry" at Edgewood due to its religious nature, "but that deters very few people from leaving campus to drink. Thursday nights are a ghost town because everyone is at bars." Students say the school has "lots of partiers for a private Catholic school, but there are quite a few students that make school a priority." "Most of my time is occupied with extracurriculars, clubs, work, and studying," says one student. "I've always been a busybody, and Edgewood makes it possible for me to do a wide variety of things and still do well in school and keep a job." The "nightlife in Madison, Wisconsin is outstanding. The city overall is extremely liberal and welcomes college students." Overall, it is "an amazing college town" where "you can walk down the street to Camp Randall for a Badger football game or get on a bus and go to State Street to shop and eat out." "We are right off Lake Wingra and in walking distance to the Vilas Zoo, a boat house, and ice skating in the winter," among many other activities.

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Wingra Cafe, Commons
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Wisconsil State Capitol
University of Wisconsin-Madison Unions
State Street
Madison Museum of Contemporary Art

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Applicants: 1,295
Acceptance Rate: 91%
Average HS GPA: 3.40



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