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James Madison University is a public university in Harrisonburg, Virginia, offering its 20,000 undergraduates the choice of 76 majors and access to an entire catalogue of worldclass research and experiential opportunities. Students say there are “plenty of resources for tutoring [and] career development” at the Student Success Center, among other strengths that include “grad prep, career prep, job search, interview help, mental health services, food, [and] atmosphere.” There is a great “diversity of professions one can major and minor in,” as well as “different tactics to teaching that aren’t just lectures. Teachers actively want you to learn, not just spit back information.” Students appreciate the results, like “reversed classrooms, where the content is primarily learned at home, and then reviewed in class to ensure understanding” and “a discussion-based simulation class.” They also praise the practical aspect of courses in the planetarium or for scuba diving, where it feels as if “every class can lead to certifications.”

“Access to faculty is amazing,” reports another student, noting how easy it “to speak with professors about classes, careers, research, independent projects, etc. in and out of class.” One student says: “They’ve gone above and beyond to teach me, problem-solve with me, and get me real-world experience.” The staff also does well to accommodate students of all levels and needs, with one undergrad noting that they’re “attentive and are very willing to do what they can for you,” including providing people “to talk to and opportunities to prevent stress and anxiety.” All in all, the university’s “leadership takes a very active role in the student experience.”

Student Body

James Madison University “is a diverse community full of the kindest people,” specifically the sort who are “very easygoing and inclusive, which makes it super easy to go up to strangers and have a normal conversation.” The student body is “largely white, middleclass, East Coast-raised,” but as a whole, it’s “a combination of people from all over the country that joined together to create an inviting and open community,” and “a safe space where students feel comfortable expressing themselves.” The rallying cry at JMU is “Dukes hold doors!” which makes sense for this “positive, fun, outgoing group of students, the sort where, “if a student here was in need and asked another student for help, I think 9 [out of] 10 students would drop what they were doing to help them.”

Campus Life

Because the James Madison University “campus is scenic,” students tend to stay there “throughout the day to do homework and study, go to the gym, and get food.” On an average day, you may see “students reading, painting/drawing, or even playing music on the Quad,” says one. As far as spending time indoors, “facilities are clean, updated, [and] large enough to support the large student body.” Off-campus, people enjoy “walking downtown to Harrisonburg and checking out the little shops and going antiquing.” Many also like to “go to football games where we festively throw streams,” but there’s no one activity you have to do: “some people choose to go out at night and some choose to stay in and watch movies.” That goes for the “many ways to get involved with organizations” and the numerous “social activities proctored by the school, too, like quad events, and lawn games…JMU has very strong school spirit.” Together, the “gorgeous campus and friendly atmosphere create an environment that helps you stay mentally healthy and motivated to learn.” It’s a vibe, according to one student: “You can definitely tell that people enjoy their time here.”

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Campus Visits Contact

Office of Admissions MSC0101
481 Bluestone Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22807


Experience College Life

Most Popular Places On Campus
Taylor Down Under
University Recreation Center
Campus Dining Hall
Student Success Center

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Harrisonburg
Shenandoah National Park
George Washington and Jeffereson National Forests
Massanutten Resort
Harrisonburg Farmer's Market

Campus Tours

Campus Visiting Center
M - F, some Saturdays
8am - 5pm, (Saturday and Summer Hours Vary)

Campus Tours
Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Average Length: 2 hours

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Advance Notice
1 week

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Check with academic department; contact information for academic departments can be found at: http://www.jmu.edu/catalog/13/index.html

Overnight Dorm Stays

Overnight Dorm Stays
Not Available


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Harrisonburg City Transit buses provide free transportation around campus and around Harrisonburg. There is an Amtrak train station in Staunton, VA (about 30 minutes away). The closest airport is Shenandoah Valley Regional Airport (about 20 minutes away). There are major airports in Charlottesville (about 1 hour away), Richmond (about 2 hours away) and Washington DC (about 2 hours away). There are several bus services that offer transportation to/from larger metropolitan areas on weekends and holiday breaks.

Driving Instructions to Campus
I-81 traveling North: Take EXIT 245 - Port Republic Rd/ VA-253. Turn LEFT on Port Republic Road and turn RIGHT at the second light onto Bluestone Drive. Pass the lake. The Office of Admissions, in Sonner Hall, will be on the LEFT. I-81 traveling South: Take EXIT 245 - Port Republic Rd/ VA-253. Turn RIGHT on Port Republic Road and take the first RIGHT, at the stoplight, onto Bluestone Drive. Pass the lake. The Office of Admissions, in Sonner Hall, will be on the LEFT.

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Applicants: 35,747
Acceptance Rate: 76%



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