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Tucked away in western Massachusetts, Williams College is a “top-notch” liberal arts college that is “committed to making all students’ dreams a reality.” Indeed, this highlyselective institution is an ideal place for people “who truly love to learn and explore new academic passions.” And it offers the “perfect combination of...liberal arts and research opportunities; neither one has to be sacrificed here.” Moreover, undergrads report that “the courses offered are diverse and interesting, while the divisional requirements mean that classes are more open to non-majors than at other schools.” Of course, no matter what classes they take, students can rest assured that they’ll be taught “how to think critically.” Further, Williams’ “small” size, with an enrollment of 2,121, also allows for “individualized attention.” Undergrads also proudly proclaim that their professors are “the best in the nation, if not the world.” Not only is each instructor “an expert in his or her field” but the vast majority have proven themselves to be “gifted teacher[s] as well.” Even better, “they all make sure to be readily accessible and try to get to know every single student, even in a larger lecture class.” And while they maintain “high expectations,” courses are often “highly rewarding.” What more could you hope for?

Student Body

The student body at Williams College is comprised of “driven,” “quirky,” and “mostly type-A” individuals. Across the board, undergrads here stress that their peers are incredibly “intelligent.” As one impressed student shares, “Williams is great because you never feel like the smartest one in the room, and you genuinely feel as though your classmates have valuable input in all scenarios.” In addition, Williams students are “dedicated to pursuing their passions, which cover a diverse spectrum and often fall outside of what is typical.” Indeed, “it’s not unusual to find a football player who is deeply interested in experimental theatre or a computer science major who is also one of the friendliest people you know.” While many Williams students categorize each other as “white, athlet[ic and] preppy,” lots of undergrads assure us that “so many people fall outside of [these boxes]” as well. However, some do caution that “the average student is very socially and politically liberal, and conservative ideas (particularly socially conservative ideas) aren’t welcome on campus.” Nevertheless, most agree that the “sense of community is overwhelmingly strong and welcoming.” After all, the students here “want to be surrounded by each other and learn from each other—otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen to go to a school together in the middle of nowhere!”

Campus Life

Undergrads at Williams are “always busy, always a little bit stressed.” This comes as no surprise given that there are so many activities hosted on campus. To begin with, “the college makes sure to offer a ton of lectures, performances, art exhibits, movie screenings, fun activities, etc. so that people feel fulfilled staying on campus.” There are also numerous “student-led events.” As one content undergrad explains, “On Wednesday nights, my friends and I [go] to Stressbusters where you get free treats and the student-run coffee bar has an open tab.” Additionally, Williams undergrads are always game for sporting events. After all, “35 percent of the school are varsity athletes [and] almost everyone else either is on a club sport, plays intramural, or goes to the gym regularly.” There are also plenty of “opportunities to explore the outdoors [including] hiking, skiing, running, biking, [and] swimming.” And once the weekend hits, you can find “lots of different kinds of parties... all-campus parties that the college puts on, big parties sponsored by different clubs, smaller parties, and people just hanging out in dorms.” Lastly, though Williamstown is pretty “rural” and “remote,” there are “amazing art offerings in the area at the Clark Art Institute, Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Williams College Museum of Art.” Overall, you’re bound to find something that will pique your interest and keep you entertained at Williams.

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Sulgi Lim
Director of Admission

Admission Office
995 Main Street
Williamstown, MA 01267

(413) 597-2211


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Most Popular Places On Campus
Paresky Center
Chapin Hall
Environmental Center
Sawyer Library
South Science Building
For virtual tours of the Williams campus, visit: https://www.williams.edu/admission-aid/virtual-programming/ And the campus map: williams.edu/tour/ And: https://www.williams.edu/admission-aid/recordings/

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Clark Art Institute
Spring Street in Williamstown
Mount Greylock State Reservation
Tanglewood (summer only)
Williams College is located in the Berkshires, a region that is both naturally beautiful and culturally rich.

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Campus Tours
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Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
Average Length: 1 hour

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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The Albany International Airport (in New York) is 45 miles from campus. Taxis and rental cars are available for the drive from the airport to campus.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From the south, take the Taconic State Pkwy (in New York) north to E. Chatham (the last exit before the toll). Take Rte. 295 E. to Rte. 22 N.; then take Rte. 22 N. to Rte. 43 E. (a sharp right turn). Proceed on Rte. 43 to U.S. Rte. 7 N., which takes you to Williamstown, where you turn right onto Rte. 2 E. The admissions office is on Stetson Court (just off Rte. 2). From the east and west, take Rte. 2 to campus. From the north, take I-91 S. to Rte. 2; then take Rte. 2 W. to Williamstown.

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Destination Williamstown lists lodgings in Williamstown and the surrounding area: destinationwilliamstown.org


Applicants: 11,023
Acceptance Rate: 10%



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