Read below for additional information about your self-paced program.

  • Course Cancellation

    Should you wish to cancel your self-paced course for any reason, you must request a cancellation within 48 hours of initial purchase.

  • Accessing Your Program

    In order to access your program, you will need to be sure you have registered on The Princeton Review website.
    1. If you already have a username and password, simply login to launch your online course contents.
    2. If you have not registered or created a student profile, go to our website, In the upper right-hand corner of the web-page, click MY ACCOUNT, then click REGISTER. Use your email address (the one your receipt came to) as your username, and enter in a password of your choice. Once logged in, click on STUDENT TOOLS to launch your course.

  • Once You ArE Logged In

    1. Go over to the RESOURCES tab to find helpful information about your program.
    2. Locate all of the course materials under COURSE WORK tab.
    3. Find your PRACTICE TESTS tab and get familiar with how to launch and score tests.

  • How To Enter Your Scores

    The program is designed for you to take the tests electronically or download and print them to take manually. To take the test electronically, simply click on the “computer monitor icon” next to the test you wish to take. To take the test paper and pencil, click on the “pencil icon” next to the test you wish to take. In the lower left corner of the bubble sheet screen you will be able to click on “Download Test” in order to print it. Once completed, transfer your answers to the electronic bubble sheet and submit it for scoring.