When should I take the GRE? Can I cancel my scores? What are the GRE Subject Tests? Get the answers to these questions and more right here.

How important are my GRE scores?

Schools vary tremendously in the weights they place on the different factors in the admissions process, so be sure to contact the specific schools to which you are applying in order to determine their unique requirements. Some programs weight GRE scores very heavily, and/or have a minimum score for applicants, while other programs consider GRE scores more of a formality. It is important to note that your GRE score is a major factor in determining your eligibility for financial aid.

Can I cancel my scores?

Yes. You can cancel your scores immediately after you take the GRE test. This is the only time you can cancel your scores. Unfortunately, you must make the decision to cancel at the testing center before you see your scores. In addition, the fact that you cancelled your scores will be noted on your official GRE score report.

How do I know if I am ready for the GRE Test?

Try our free online GRE course demo, which includes a GRE practice test . When you finish the practice test you'll get a complete report detailing your strengths and weaknesses. If you are satisfied with your results, then you may be ready. If you feel that you still need help, check out The Princeton Review's many GRE course options or call us at 888-955-4600 .

When should I take the GRE?

Find out the application deadlines for the graduate schools to which you are applying. Then work backwards from your earliest deadline. Build some extra time into your planning process for unexpected delays because you can only take the GRE test once per calendar month. Keep in mind that it can take as long as four weeks for your official scores to arrive at your designated schools.

The GRE is offered at testing centers almost every day. Call your local center for details and to book your test. While in theory you could sign up for the GRE with only two days' notice, don't depend upon this luxury. Call at least one month prior to your desired test date.

What fees are associated with the GRE Test?

The fee to take the GRE test is $195 worldwide.

What are the GRE Subject Tests?

The GRE Subject Tests are intended to measure your knowledge of specific subject matter. Subject Tests are available in eight disciplines: biochemistry, cell and molecular biology; biology; chemistry; computer science; literature in English; mathematics; physics; and psychology. These tests are given in paper–and–pencil format three times per year, in November, December, and April.

These tests are given separately from the GRE General Test and require additional fees. Check with the graduate schools to which you are applying to determine whether any of these extra tests are required.

Where can I get more information about the GRE?

You can contact us by calling 888-955-4600 . Or you can contact the Educational Testing Service (ETS) at 800–GRE–CALL, 609–771–7670, or www.gre.org .