Frequently Asked Questions

A: We guarantee that if you complete an eligible program you will receive at least an A (or equivalent) on your next report card or transcript in the school course that covers the same subject if you earned at least a B in the prerequisite course leading up to that school course within the previous school year. If you didn’t earn at least a B, we guarantee that your grade will go up at least one full letter grade (or equivalent increase). If your grade does not improve as guaranteed, we will refund your tuition, less the fee for course materials (as reflected in your invoice) that we shipped to you and shipping charges. *Applies to 60-hour and 24-hour package only. Please see our full terms and conditions for details.
A: If you choose to withdraw your enrollment in Private Tutoring within 7 days after enrollment but before the first scheduled tutoring session, we will provide a 100% refund of the tuition you have paid. There are no refunds once you begin tutoring, and shipping costs will not be refunded. Please see our terms and conditions for all the details.
A: The materials will be shipped via UPS and will generally arrive within 7-10 days before the start of your tutoring with Standard Ground shipping.
Call 1-800-2-REVIEW to speak with an enrollment advisor