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Students Say

Offering a “great support system,” “great research facilities” and “good opportunities,” New York Law School is the total package. Students love that the institution manages to capitalize on its primo downtown location, right “by all of the courthouses.” In fact, “many classes will take field trips to relevant courthouses so that we can sit in on cases being heard and meet judges.” Therefore, it is not surprising to learn that NYLS also places an “emphasis...on practical work” and “experiential learning.” Another bonus of attending New York Law School? “The library offers many classes and workshops on how to improve legal research skills.” Hence, NYLS grads are prepared to hit the ground running once they enter the workforce.

When it comes to the faculty, students happily declare that their “professors are incredible and come from some of the best law firms, names in government and law schools to provide us with [a] quality education...and lessons that will last a lifetime.” What’s more, they excel at fostering “engaging and insightful” class discussions. NYLS professors are also “very accessible” and “very invested” in their students. As one incredulous 3L shares, “They often [stay] after class with us...to further explain/clarify topics...I even had a professor from my first year call me personally to check in on how my second year went.” Moreover, “the faculty as a whole is extremely well-connected” and does an admirable job helping students with their “career planning.”

Of course, many people also turn to the “professional development office, which helps connect students [with] numerous scholarships, fellowships [and] intern and externship opportunities [throughout the]...year.” It also “works closely with students in preparing resumes and applying for jobs.” And the office frequently “point[s people] in the direction of networking events that would be beneficial for [their] projected career paths.”

Students rave about New York Law School’s campus as well. To begin with, “the classrooms are all very modern and clean, and kept in the best shape possible.” They’re also equipped with “outstanding...technology.” For example, each room “offer[s] class-capture...an invaluable resource [used] for reviewing previous classes for both notes and lecture discussions.” Further, there are “plenty of study rooms equipped for collaborative group-study, and comfy & quiet study nooks.” Despite all that, according to this student, “the ease with which someone may charge their devices” is perhaps the NYLS’ best facets.

Career overview

Pass Rate for First-Time Bar Exam
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Career Services

On campus summer employment recruitment for first year JD students

On campus summer employment recruitment for second year JD students

# of Employers that Recruit on Campus Each Year

Employers who most frequently hire graduates
Private Practice; Business & Industry; Government; Public Interest

Prominent Alumni

John Marshall Harlan, NYLS 1924
U.S. Supreme Court Justice, 1955?1971

Zygmunt Zygi Wilf, NYLS 1974
Owner/Chairman, Minnesota Vikings; President, Garden Homes Developments

Charles E. Phillips Jr, NYLS 1993
CEO of Infor; Former President of Oracle, the World?s Largest Enterprise Software Company

Laura Ricciardi, NYLS 1996
Emmy Award-Winning Filmmaker and Co-Creator of the acclaimed Netflix series Making a Murderer

Judith Sheindlin, NYLS 1965
Judge Judy, New York Family Court Judge, Author, and TV Personality


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Jul 1
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Mar 15

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77% are full time
23% are part time
62% female
38% male

Campus Life

Students Say

NYLS has a “fairly small population so students get a chance to know each other pretty quickly.” Nevertheless, during the first year, everyone is “divided into sections.” And at times, it can “feel [as though] those are the only [people] you’ll know.” Fortunately, students assure us that once your second year starts and you have the ability to pick your own classes, it becomes “easy to [meet] the entire student body.” No matter where you land, you’re bound to encounter classmates who are “more congenial than competitive.” After all, NYLS students “look to build each other up rather than tear each other down.” For example, if someone “knows of a networking opportunity, [he/she] won’t hesitate to invite others along.” Or, as this student rhapsodizes, “What I love about NYLS is how collaborative it is. There is an undeniably strong sense of community and the competitiveness of law school and ‘getting the As’ doesn’t get in the way of that.” You’re also likely to find a “fairly broad spectrum of political and social views” represented. And, for the most part, students are “generally tolerant and respectful” of differing viewpoints. Finally, they appreciate that “there are lots of clubs and activities to join.”

More Information

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Admissions Office Contact

Ella Mae Estrada
Associate Dean for Enrollment Management, Financial Aid, and Diversity Initiatives

185 West Broadway
New York, NY 10013