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At the University of Denver Sturm College of Law, students do not just study law, they experience it. A recognized leader in training practice-ready graduates, we are the only law school in the nation whose three practical skills programs are ranked in the Top 10 by U.S. News & World Report. With a total of four Top 20 specialty programs, an abundance of hands-on educational experiences and unrivaled access to one of the nation's most vibrant legal markets, the Sturm College of Law offers its students significant and distinctive advantages in the legal marketplace.

Top 10 Practical Skills Programs (U.S. News & World Report)

  • #7 Legal Writing
  • #8 Clinical Programs
  • #9 Trial Advocacy

Since opening our doors in 1892, innovation has defined our culture. In 1904, we launched the nation's first law clinic. In the 1960s, we helped found the Law and Society Movement, combining the study of law with cutting-edge perspectives from the social sciences. In 2003, we constructed the nation's first LEED Gold-certified "green" law building. And, in 2018, we launched our #11-ranked Professional Part-Time JD Program, conducted 1/3 online and on alternating weekends, which allows working professionals to advance their careers on their own schedules and from virtually any location.

The curriculum at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law mirrors what many achieve while living in Colorado—balance. Our professors complement doctrinal learning with invaluable experiential opportunities that develop ethically minded, practice-ready graduates. With an emphasis on cultivating the valuable interpersonal skills today's employers seek in their new hires, Denver Law promotes those character traits that enhance professional development, including resourcefulness, ingenuity and integrity. This well-rounded approach gives our students an extraordinary advantage in their legal careers.


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Students Say

Simply put, the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver provides law students with an “excellent” academic experience. For starters, the program grants everyone the ability to “tailor [their education] towards [their] own interests and [desired] legal path.” Moreover, Sturm maintains a big “focus on client advocacy” and we’re told that this is heavily reflected “in each assignment, each classroom, each student, and each faculty member.” Additionally, “experiential opportunities” and “great clinic programs” abound. In fact, students often declare the ability to gain “practical” experience is one of Sturm’s greatest strengths.

As if that wasn’t enough, the University of Denver is populated with “intelligent, witty, and helpful professors, who largely do an excellent job of teaching black letter law and then examining how that law really applies in practice.” Unsurprisingly, the vast majority come to the classroom with “a lot of experience and are often respected experts in their topics.” And many are more than “willing to explore the potential and creative legal arguments students develop and often encourage students to be creative and take risks.” Praise also extends to the “incredible” library staff who are “attentive,” “organized,” and “easily accessible.” Conversely, views on the administration are decidedly mixed. Some students report that they are “very proactive” and “understanding.” While others complain that the administration is “completely disorganized…[and] lacks [the necessary] policies and continuity.”

Thankfully, when it comes to the job hunt, most students find the Career Development Office to be rather “helpful.” The folks that work there are incredibly accommodating “and will move schedules around and stay late to review resumes, give mock interviews, suggest connections, and give practical, real-world advice.” Students stress that the office’s “director is very concerned about employability” and that everyone who works there goes “well out of their way to make sure you have a good job and that law school is a good investment for you.” Nevertheless, a few people do wish they “could be more proactive [when it comes to] things like federal clerkships.” And some lament that there is “too much focus on firms/corporate rather than government work, public interest, non-traditional, or novel/up-and-coming areas of law.” However, virtually everyone applauds “the internship program, which has nearly 800 different placements in every field imaginable.” Best of all, “access to the Denver legal community is amazing.” Students love Sturm’s “willingness to work with you in order to ensure you get the best opportunities and connections possible.”

Career overview

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Pass Rate for First-Time Bar Exam
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Career Services

On campus summer employment recruitment for first year JD students

On campus summer employment recruitment for second year JD students

# of Employers that Recruit on Campus Each Year

Employers who most frequently hire graduates
Small, medium & large law firms, government agencies (District Attorney Offices, Public Defender offices, etc.), corporations, non-profit organizations, and courts.

Graduates Employed by Region


Prominent Alumni

Don Sturm, LLB’58

Doug Scrivner, JD’77
Former General Counsel of Accenture

Secretary Jim Nicholson, JD’72
Secretary of Veterans Affairs

Secretary Gale Norton, JD’78
Secretary of the Interior

Brenda Hollis, JD’77
Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone


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86% are full time
14% are part time
53% female
47% male

Campus Life

Students Say

Students report that Sturm retains an air of “cooperative competitive[ness].” Certainly, “everyone...has their eye on the prize, so they are super competitive with themselves and work exceptionally hard.” However, many quickly point out that “there is no hostility among the students.” And they assert that “everyone is encouraging and friendly regardless of your academic rank.” Students also note that their classmates skew “very liberal,” with a good number “eager to serve society” and “get involved in political activities.” Of course, you are still likely to encounter a handful of “conservative students” as well. Thankfully, “everyone seems pretty cordial and willing to hear each other out.” And many appreciate that this political divide definitely leads to some “interesting” discussions!

Socially, the “school does a good job of hosting events where families are welcome.” These include “ice skating and hot chocolate with the dean at DU’s hockey arena, pumpkin carving, etc.” Conversely, some people do complain that “drinking is [now] banned at student events,” leading to “low[er] attendance.” Regardless of campus rules and regulations, attending school in Denver is “a dream.” After all, students enjoy the “comforts of city living” with the total accessibility of “nature.”

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Admissions Office Contact

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Iain Davis
Assistant Dean of Admissions & Student Financial Management

2255 E. Evans Avenue
Suite 115
Denver, CO 80208