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Harvard University John F. Kennedy School of Government

Cambridge, MA
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Visiting And Contact Information

79 JFK Street

Cambridge, MA 02138

Phone: 617 495-1155

Fax: 617 496-1165


Admissions Statistics
Average Ugrad GPA: 3.60
Average GRE Verbal: 626.00
Average GRE Quantitative: 714.00
Average GRE Analytical: 703.00
Average GRE Analytical Writing: 5.00
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Application Process
Application Fee: $100
Transfers Accepted: Yes
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Admissions Requirements
GRE: Required
Transcripts: Required
Admissions Essay: Required
Letters of Recommendation: Required
Other: TOEFL
Requirements for International Applicants: TOEFL required if English is not native language or Bachelor's degree was not conducted in English.
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Admissions Statistics

  • Avg. Ugrad GPA:

Application Process

  • Application Fee:
  • Transfers Accepted:
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