Writing Your Personal Statement

You need more than a great MCAT score to get into a top med school. Your personal statement is your first opportunity to tell them who you are.

Learn how to write your med school personal statement

Applying to Medical School

United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)

Learn about the USMLE board exam for medical school students.

Beyond the Numbers: Making Your Medical School Application Stand Out

The right ways to make your medical school application stand out and how to highlight the areas med schools look for in great candidates.

Writing Your Medical School Personal Statement

Write an impressive medical school personal statement and impress your dream school with our seven rules of thumb.

4 Myths About the MCAT

Four myths you need to know about the MCAT and how to beat them and boost your score.

Medical School Interview

Interviews help medical schools see the person beyond the transcript and MCAT scores, this is your chance to stand out. Here are crucial things to remember.

Medical School Interview: 4 Tips

Four tips to help you have the best medical school interview possible. From preparation to questions, we’ll help you ace the interview.

Medical School Applications

From your first application through the AMCAS to your secondary applications, we’ve got you covered. Everything you need to know about med school apps.

Advice for Nontraditional Applicants

Everything you need to know about applying to med school as a nontraditional applicant; from post-bacc training, to selling yourself & getting killer recs.

Medical School Admissions Timeline

Here is your comprehensive medical school admissions timeline to keep you on track to get your best MCAT score and into your dream med school.

Strategies for Second-Time Applicants

Curious how to get into medical school as a second time applicant? Here’s what you should focus on to improve yourself as a candidate.

Positioning Yourself for Med School: Academics and Extracurricular

Med school bound? Everything you need to prepare yourself to get into a top medical school, from great MCAT scores to good grades and extracurriculars.

Medical School Recommendations

Great recommendation letters are your opportunity to let others make your case for you. How to choose the right people and get the right messages across.

Research and Decide

Choosing a Medical School

Here are seven questions that will help you evaluate potential med schools.

Combined Degree Program

Here is the only list you need to educate yourself on combined degree programs. From the MS to the MPH and PhD, we know it all.

Medical School Training

Beyond the core curriculum that all allopathic med schools follow, each offers its own unique academic focus, teaching methods and research opportunities.