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Indiana University South Bend's Leighton School of Business and Economics is a "value provider" when it comes to getting an exceptional business education. The school offers working professionals a "cost effective" and convenient means to advance their careers or switch industries. The flexible schedule (including night classes), "great business school credentials," and the part-time MBA program make for a "good reputation," and "the in-state-residence tuition is attractive."

Most of the professors "know present and past students by name," and are "engaged" and accessible to students. "I am able to get questions answered expeditiously," says one. The cultural and ethnic diversity of professors is a huge plus, and though "some are better than others," all are "extremely well-versed in the subjects they teach." There is an "ease of contact" with teachers, and "all professors have a sincere interest in working with students." The administration is also well run, and "when we contact the Dean of the program directly, he is very responsive."

Students who have taken specific business classes within the last five years may qualify for automatic exemption from Foundation classes to save time and money. MBA candidates have three optional concentrations from which to choose: Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing. As most people here have already tasted the world of fulltime employment, the commitment to work is high, and these students "always turn in their assignments and give really impressive presentations."

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Tracy White
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Applicants: 35
Acceptance Rate: 71%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.20
Years Work Experience: 5.4
Average Age: 27



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