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The University of Richmond Robins Schools of Business combines “academic strength” and a “robust network” with a “small,” intimate size, making it ideal for many prospective MBAs. The program has a “great reputation” and is “designed for full-time working professionals” and the “flexible class schedule” is a big draw for many individuals. What’s more, unlike many part-time programs, Richmond offers a “classroom based education” (as opposed to simply online courses). This enables students to foster “deep connections” with both the faculty and their classmates. Of course, it certainly helps that “administrators and professors are highly engaged.” They truly seem to “love what they do” and they make it abundantly clear that they “care about the progress of their students.” As one student explains, “Professors are eager to meet outside of class hours if you show desire to learn.” Just as critical, students report that their “advisers are very responsive and sensitive to changing work conditions such as travel.” And though the coursework can be “difficult,” students assure us that it’s still possible to tackle everything “while working full time.” All in all, students here find “the value for the cost [of a University of Richmond MBA] is exceptional.”


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MBAs at Robins School of Business declare that they receive “plenty of support in job seeking and placement.” And they make a point of highlighting the fact that “career services are always available.” As one student elaborates, “The school has done much work recently to cater more to the MBA job market. Career fairs now have specifics for MBAs getting ready to graduate and not just the undergrads.” Students also boast that the university “has gone above and beyond in regards to networking opportunities.” Indeed, Richmond “proactively seek[s] to connect students to networks they believe will be helpful our careers and have events planned every month / bi-weekly.” For example, “Executive Dinner Meet-and-Greets are held every month, usually [with] students meet[ing] at an executive’s house [to] discuss a range of topics over dinner.” We’re told


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The Richmond MBA program does a fantastic job of creating a “very supportive and collaborative” environment. Since virtually “everyone in the program…has a full-time job,” many individuals focus primarily on coursework. Hence, students can frequently be found taking advantage of “the excellent facilities at the business school to work on group projects and reports.” Of course, a handful do also reserve “some nights or weekends for networking.” There is a modest amount of “social events…planned” and we’ve been assured that spouses and significant others are almost always welcome. Just as critical, students share that their peers are “friendly,” “open minded,” “collaborative [and] engaging.” They also define each other as “ambitious” and “hard-working” individuals who continually display “a passion for what [they’re] learning.” As one satisfied student sums up her experience, “There is an incredible sense of ‘family’ that has grown within many members of my class. We work together on assignments, take notes for others if they are traveling, and generally have a lot of fun outside of school.”

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