College Dorm Ideas

Whether your dorm is a palace or leaves something to be desired, you’ll want to make the most of your shared space. What's your ideal study style and environment? Identify your study personality to get the best dorm accessories for you.

The Taskmaster

You like to focus on one task at a time, and when it comes to your courses, each class gets a dedicated notebook and folders for handouts. When putting together your college study space, consider a visual reminder of the “big picture” like a large whiteboard or chalkboard calendar so you can keep an eye on deadlines and extracurricular commitments coming up.  

Organized Chaos

One big binder for all your courses works for you—you prefer to have everything at your fingertips. The trick is being able to find what you need when you need it. Sticky notebook tabs are perfect for holding your place or flagging important ideas. Use them to help you flip around that monster binder or notebook with ease.

Turn Up the Volume

You’re a sensory learner who studies best with the TV on or your favorite song in the background.  Keep in mind that the ambient noise that’s energizing for you could be distracting for your roommate. A great set of headphones will ensure that your dorm room can be a welcoming place for both of you to gear up for midterms.

The Color Coder

For you, back-to-school shopping will always be an annual tradition. Highlighters, fancy pens, cute USBs, and post-its all have a place in your study routine from taking notes in class (perhaps in different colors for different subjects) to studying for exams. You’ll need a well-stocked desk to turn your triple into a study haven—and a large desk organizer to store all your pens, paperclips, and other accoutrements.

The Early Adopter

No paper flash cards for you! You take notes on your tablet and use the latest adaptive apps to help you stay on track. Make sure you keep your cords and chargers organized so you’re never short on battery life. There are plenty of neat accessories out there designed expressly for this purpose, but if you want to save your money for laundry or pizza, large binder clips on the edge of your desk (one for each cord) work just fine.

The Free Bird

You don’t have one favorite place to study—from the coffee shop down the block to the dining hall or even a museum garden, you like to take the show on the road. A messenger bag for your notebooks and supplies is a must for whenever you’re inspired to hit the books. You’ll need an adhesive wall hook or over-the-door system for your dorm room as well to keep your bag handy and at the ready.

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