female computer science student

If you're currently taking—or thinking about taking—AP® Computer Science A, then you should know that the exam is changing as of May 2020. But fear not! You can totally master comp sci content—and the updated exam, too. 

Even if you've never taken a single class in computer science before, you can take one now—and thrive in it. The field, whose growth is accelerating in our digital world, will benefit from your unique perspectives and ideas. Don't be put off by changes to the exam—we think they're to your benefit!

The multiple-choice section isn't changing, but the free-response questions are. There are four types of those: Methods and Control Structures, Class, Array/ArrayList, and 2D Array. Our Editor-in-Chief Rob Franek walks you through what’s changing with the FRQs. The takeaway: This is nothing you can't handle. We're rooting for you!

As you prepare for your AP exams, know that we are here to offer strategic advice—and we are always cheering you on!