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You have all the right things—the degree, the internship—and even worked with college career services, but landing a top job, or the best job for YOU, is competitive and can take time. How do you set yourself apart and gain an edge over the hundreds (or thousands) of other job candidates? A job seeker program might be an option for you—their objective is to give you an edge, get your foot in the door, and optimize the hiring process.


Pathrise is a program for job seekers that provides 1-on-1 mentorship, training, and advice to help you land a high quality job. Work with mentors from leading tech companies to help you become a stronger candidate throughout your job search as you apply and interview.

Find Your Next Job with Pathrise: A High-Level Review of Pathrise’s Job Search Services

  • With mentors across industry-leading companies like Google, Amazon, OpenAI, Nike, McKinsey, and more, Pathrise mentors draw upon their own experience to help you apply for jobs and prepare for interviews.
  • Pathrise provides regular 1-on-1 time with an expert at a top tech company. Their career coaches and industry experts offer help with every aspect of the job search process, including job offer negotiation.
  • Pathrise Fellows usually see a 2-4x increase in response rates, a 1.5-3x increase in interview scores, and another 10-20% increase on top of any offer they get through negotiation.
  • There is no payment upfront. Pathrise has a unique model where you pay after job placement via an income share agreement (ISA)*  based on your salary level.
  • Since 2017, Pathrise has helped more than 2,250 clients land jobs, equating to a 95% job placement rate for their fellows.

The program is geared toward those interested in career tracks such as marketing, product, operations, sales & customer success, software engineering, data, IT, strategy, and consulting. If you are interested in pursuing a career in one of Pathrise’s career tracks, find out if the Pathrise program could be the right fit for you. Upload your résumé or LinkedIn profile to get in touch with Pathrise and Get Started. Or read on for a deep dive into the program details.

How the Pathrise Program Works:

  • Gain direct 1-on-1 time with Pathrise experts at top tech companies to get insider industry- and company-specific knowledge. Fellows typically spend 10 hours per week on their job search, including 2 hours per week with Pathrise mentors.
  • Strengthen your résumé, target your job search, conduct interview prep, and prepare for and get advice on job offer negotiations with career coaches and industry experts, who also provide general guidance and tips throughout your job search.
  • Receive valuable insight into the hiring process at industry-leading companies from Pathrise mentors, who share details on the hiring process at their respective companies.

To get started:

  • Apply to the program with your résumé or LinkedIn profile. Pathrise will review your skills, experience, and goals to see if there’s a fit with their program. If you’re accepted, you become a “Fellow.”
  • Although payment is not required up front, in order to start your relationship with Pathrise you will be asked to sign an agreement to pay upon job placement. Pathrise will help you for up to 12 months until you get a job.

Get Started.

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Pathrise – In Their Own Words

We offer the following job placement services:

  1. Résumé Prep and Applications. With profile optimization, application strategy, and our reverse recruiting techniques, we show you how to get a response and get interviews.
  2. Interview Prep. Once you're at the interview stage, we prepare you for high-frequency behavioral and technical questions with custom frameworks based on our research. Pathrise provides access to in-depth company guides, their unique interview process, typical questions, and the company profile.
  3. Salary Offer Negotiation. Over thousands of negotiations, we've developed a proprietary negotiation system with high expected value and minimal risk to maximize your offer.
  4. Career and Industry Mentor. Each Fellow is matched with a career mentor and can choose to meet with our network of experienced industry mentors. Our industry mentors have professional experience in the job field you are looking to enter and will help you develop your skills and domain knowledge to make you as competitive a candidate as possible. Our career mentors are experts on best practices for each step of the job search and will help you translate these insights according to your individual goals, strengths, and weaknesses. They’ll serve as a sounding board and support system for any questions or challenges you encounter in your job search. You meet with your mentors 1-on-1 every week until you sign your final offer.
  5. 10 Hours Per Week. We require a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week dedicated to your job search until you get hired. This includes applications and interviews and the more time the better. On average, our Fellows get placed within four months, but we will provide you weekly 1-on-1 support for as long as you need to get hired, as long as you remain committed. We look for a commitment to improvement and a baseline level of knowledge or skills to be productive in your field.
  6. Strong Community. The community is strong. Fellows support each other by practicing for interviews together, trading referrals, and answering each other’s questions daily.
  7. Job Industry Tracks. Pathrise provides the following industry tracks for job placement:
  • Software Engineering. Navigate the hiring process for different technology stacks while learning how to approach technical interviews with data structures and algorithms.
  • Product Management. Map out a path to a top role by learning about product discovery, metrics, and other relevant topics. Then, learn how to communicate and think through case interviews.
  • Data. Receive advice from expert data scientists on how to tackle machine learning and statistics interviews. Leverage what you learn when you start your new career.
  • Marketing. Optimize your job search to land a growth marketing role at a top tech company. Master key topics such as marketing analytics, paid media, and SEO.
  • Sales and Customer Success. Level-up your sales career or learn how to translate your experience to the tech industry by working with director- and VP-level sales leaders from top tech companies.
  • Engineering
  • Finance, Banking, & Accounting
  • IT & Cybersecurity
  • Operations Management
  • Project & Program Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Strategy & Consulting

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How Good Is Pathrise?

Pathrise is a career accelerator program designed to help individuals land jobs through personalized coaching, mentorship, and skill-building. Here are the factors to weigh:

  • Personalized Career Coaching is one of the main benefits of Pathrise. Participants receive 1-on-1 guidance from experienced industry professionals, helping you tailor your job search strategies, improve your résumés, and enhance your interview skills.
  • Mentorship: Pathrise connects participants with mentors who have experience in the field the individual is pursuing. This mentorship can provide valuable insights, networking opportunities, and industry-specific advice.
  • Curriculum: The program offers a structured curriculum covering a range of topics, including technical skills, behavioral interview preparation, and job search strategies.
  • Job Placement Assistance: Pathrise is committed to helping participants secure job offers. The program assists with job matching, interview preparation, and negotiation strategies, increasing the chances of successful job placement.
  • Cost: Pathrise operates on an income share agreement model, meaning participants pay a percentage of their income once they secure a job, thus aligning incentives and sharing in job placement success. Pathrise is not free. To make it accessible and align incentives for job seekers, Pathrise offers income-based repayment agreements as an alternative to upfront program payments.
  • Some scholarships are available, including the Women in Tech Scholarship, Diversify Tech Scholarship, and LGBTQ+ in Tech Scholarship.
  • Job seekers must be 18 or older and be authorized to work in the United States or Canada.
  • Not suitable for all careers: Pathrise is primarily focused on tech-related careers and may not be as effective for individuals pursuing careers in non-tech industries. The application process will assess whether the program aligns with the applicant’s career goals.
  • While Pathrise provides valuable resources and support and a 95% placement rate for applicants they accept, success in landing a job ultimately depends on the individual's efforts and the job market.
  • Time Commitment: The program requires a significant time commitment, and individuals with existing work or academic commitments may find it challenging to dedicate the necessary hours to fully benefit from the program.
  • Pathrise offers a two-week trial with no commitment if you want to test the program before you join. You can withdraw with no strings attached during the free two-week period.

How do they rate?

Trustpilot: 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 379 customer reviews (as of February 2024)

Glassdoor: 4.3 out of 5 stars, based on 49 employees, coach, and mentor reviews (as of February 2024)


*About Income Sharing Arrangements:

Pathrise does not charge any upfront fees. This means that participants do not need to pay anything when they enroll in the program.

Instead of paying upfront, participants agree to pay a percentage of their future income for a fixed period after they secure a job with the help of Pathrise. Pathrise is not free.

They will pre-qualify you for financing to help you find the best repayment option. Payment is deferred until the participant lands a job, and the specific terms of the ISA are activated only upon successful job placement. They say this aligns the program's success with that of the participants and ensures that individuals only pay if they see results.

Once hired, you start paying back 7–14% of your income towards your loan, as you earn it, until you hit your payment cap.

The ISA may have an income threshold—below which the participant is not required to make payments. This is designed to ensure that participants are not burdened with payments if they are not earning a certain minimum income.

Some ISAs have a payment cap, meaning the total amount paid by the participant is capped at a certain amount. Once the cap is reached, the participant is no longer obligated to make payments.

The ISA is activated only if the participant successfully secures a job in their field of study. If a participant does not find employment through Pathrise, they typically do not owe anything under the ISA. In other words, if you don’t receive a qualifying offer before your Pathrise end date (typically 12 months), your loan is paid off with the servicer, and your contract is canceled.

If you’re considering the Pathrise program, carefully review the specific terms and conditions of the ISA, including the percentage of income, payment period, income threshold, payment cap, and any other relevant details. Additionally, inquire about any potential scenarios where the ISA could be adjusted or waived.

Ready to Get Started?

Pathrise offers a highly personalized, premium approach to career development, particularly in the tech industry. They achieve a 95% placement rate for their fellows, in part because you must apply and qualify for the service. While there is no cost upfront, you pay after job placement via an income share arrangement. Job seekers can apply using the link below; use the two-week trial with no obligation so you can determine if Pathrise is the right partner for your job search. We wish you the best of luck in your career!

To get started with the first two weeks free, provide your résumé or LinkedIn profile here: Apply in 30 Seconds .


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