Cross SAT registration off your college To-Do list! Here's everything you need to know to register for the SAT.

1. Find out when the SAT is offered.

SAT registration

Check the  SAT dates  for the school year. Make sure to also consider the SAT registration deadline for each test date. (There is a cut off, plus additional fees for late registration!)

2. Decide if you will take the SAT with Essay.

The SAT essay is optional, but if you want to take it you do need to register for the "SAT with Essay" versus the SAT without the essay. We recommend you sign up for the SAT essay because some colleges require it.

3. Consider your schedule

You can take the SAT any time starting freshman year, but we  advise students to start preparing for the SAT   the spring/summer before junior year. In addition, you may need to take SAT Subject Tests  (many selective colleges require them.) You can’t take SAT and SAT Subject Tests on the same day. Sit down and plan a schedule of what tests you will take and when.

4. Pick your test date and register for the SAT as soon as you can.

Try to sign up for the SAT as soon as you know when you’ll be taking the test. If you wait until the last minute to register, there may not be any open spots in the testing centers near you.

5. Keep these SAT registration basics in mind.

  • You can register online on the College Board website or by mail using the form in the Student Registration Booklet for the SAT and SAT Subject Tests. If you need to do a paper registration, just ask your school counselor for a copy of the booklet.
  • You are responsible for your own SAT registration. Your parents or school counselor can’t register for you.
  • When providing your info (full name, address, etc.), make sure it matches exactly the information that appears on your photo i.d.
  • You have a choice to opt into The College Board’s Student Search Service. It’s free, but to opt in you’ll answer some questions about yourself like your GPA or intended college major. Colleges and scholarship organizations can then search for students based on the information they provide (and send them info about their programs).
  • You’ll need to upload a pic of yourself for identification purposes.
  • Be prepared for registration fees. It costs $46 to take the SAT and $60 to take the SAT with Essay. There are fee waivers available for low-income 11th and 12th graders. Get more information about fee waivers here.
  • Don't forget to print your Admissions Ticket! You’ll need this on your test date.

6. All registered? Take an SAT practice test.

The first step to getting a great SAT score is knowing where you stand. When you take a free SAT practice test with us , you'll get a personalized score report highlighting your strengths and areas of improvement.

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