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The 'gist' of Luther College is best summarized by the mission statement for Paideia (the required common courses for…students): the college encourages us to 'seek wisdom in community' by facilitating conversation and creating lasting relationships that extend beyond the walls of the classroom. Accordingly, "class sizes are great" for discussion, and the "intelligent and personable" professors at Luther "are always available and eager to hear your interests or concerns." "They are always a great resource, even for conversation outside of the course," says a student. "They have made my experience at Luther much more personal and rich." "One of the advantages of a small school is the accessibility of faculty and staff." But such closeness is a double-edged sword; when students "miss a day of class, we get called or e-mailed to see where we were." Academic programs across the board receive high marks from students, but "particularly science and music" are seen as strengths of the college. The school also has a Writing Center and Student Academic Support Center, where students can go and find help when they are struggling academically. "Energy is also found in the college administration"; administrators are visible throughout campus and during school events, and they do "a great job of providing many opportunities for students outside academics." "If I'm studying and the president walks by, he will often stop to ask how I'm doing and what I am studying," says a sophomore. "The strong sense of community that everyone talks about really does exist here," says a student.

Student Body

At Luther, "the typical student is white, Midwestern," and many are Lutheran. He or she is "middle-class," of "Scandinavian" descent, "generally friendly and courteous," "laid-back, easy-going," and "active, engaged, [and] excited about learning." "Everyone dresses pretty casually, and the blond and tan Barbie type is not very prominent." Many of this "Norwegian-sweater-wearing" crew hails from the suburbs of the Twin Cities and from all over Iowa, and there is an "increasing number [of] international students each year," which make up a large portion of the minority population. There are "intense music kids, students concerned with environmental issues, athletes, religious students." Students claim that the nice thing about Luther "is that all of these different kinds of students interact," as the school is "definitely not a 'cliquey' place."

Campus Life

Life at Luther is generally very relaxed and peaceful. Luther College "pays very much attention to the social life at Luther," and the art and music scene around town "is fantastic. There are many workshops and classes, in addition to live local music performances and poetry slams." "There is never a dull moment," and on any given day, students can "throw a Frisbee around on Library Lawn, try flying kites, or play nine square (which started as four square)." Everyone enjoys being outdoors, and "going hiking, biking, and canoeing on the Upper Iowa River," and "cross country skiing, caf tray sledding, and ice skating" are all popular pursuits throughout the seasons. "There is somewhat of a party scene at Luther," but "no more than at any other institution." For the drinking set, besides parties, "There are about two bars that most students go to." But there is plenty to do for the non-drinking set. Students credit the Student Activities Council with providing many entertainment options (and also giving the opportunity to create their own activities). There are a wide variety of options, and everything "is well done so you can't go wrong in your choice of which to attend. The only sad part is that you can't attend them all!" Off-campus, "although there isn't a huge amount of exciting things to do," downtown Decorah ("a small Midwestern town full of charm and life.") has many historic buildings and "numerous restaurants…that are crazy-affordable"—a good thing, as the food at the school "could be better."

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Hannah Scheevel
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700 College Drive
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Most Popular Places On Campus
Marty's Cyber Cafe
Legends Fitness Center
The Cafeteria
Residence Hall Lounges
Sunnyside Cafe in the Center for the Arts

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Trout Run Trail
Art Haus
Mabe's Pizza
Whippy Dip

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Campus Visiting Center
Monday - Friday; Saturdays (academic yr)
8 am - 5 pm M-F; 10 am - 1 pm Saturdays
(563) 387-1287

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Appointment Required: Yes
Dates: Year-round
Times: Varies
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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Seniors only. Most dates, Sunday - Friday, during academic year.


Types of Transportation Available to Campus
Hometown Taxi; LaCrosse, WI or Rochester, MN airports; Luther shuttle to Minneapolis Airport at college break times

Driving Instructions to Campus
Off of Hwy 52 North of the intersection with Hwy 9

Local Accommodations
Fairfield Inn & Suites, Country Inn, Quality Inn, Super 8, Bed and Breakfasts, Hotel Winneshiek


Applicants: 4,288
Acceptance Rate: 65%
Average HS GPA: 3.71



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