If you're applying to a selective college, you'll probably need to submit scores from at least two SAT Subject Tests. Which test will you take? To help you decide, here's a quick rundown of what you can expect on each test.

SAT Biology E/M

The Biology Subject Test assesses your understanding of general biology at the college preparatory level, your recall and comprehension of the major concepts of biology, and your ability to apply the principles learned to solve specific problems in biology. Both Biology Ecological and Biology Molecular are offered.

SAT Chemistry

The Chemistry Subject Test measures your ability to organize and interpret results obtained by observation and experimentation. The test also assesses your aptitude for drawing conclusions and/or making inferences using experimental data, including data presented in graphic and/or tabular form.

SAT Physics

The Physics Subject Test measures your ability to solve specific problems with the application of physical principles. The test also assesses your understanding of simple algebraic, trigonometric, and graphical relationships, the concepts of ratio and proportion, and how to apply these concepts to physics problems.

SAT U.S. History

The United States History Subject Test assesses your familiarity with historical concepts, cause-and-effect relationships, geography, and other data necessary for interpreting and understanding major historical developments in U.S. History.

SAT World History

The World History Subject Test assesses your understanding of key developments in global history, your use of basic historical techniques and terminology, and your aptitude for the critical analysis and interpretation of documented events.

SAT Literature

The Literature Subject Test Tests aims to see how well you can read and interpret literature. Questions focus on issues of theme, argument, tone, etc.

SAT Math Level 1

Tests: Algebra, geometry, basic trigonometry, Algebraic functions, elementary statistics, logic, elementary number theory, and arithmetic and geometric sequences.

SAT Math Level 2

Tests: Algebra, three-dimensional and coordinate geometry, Trigonometry, functions, probability, permutations, combinations, logic, proofs, elementary number theory, sequences, and limits.

Foreign Languages

Tests a student's reading ability in a specific language. Languages available for testing include: SAT French, German, Spanish, Hebrew, Italian, Latin, Chinese, Japanese, Korean.

Foreign Languages with Listening

"Language with Listening" tests examine reading and listening skills. Languages available for testing include: SAT French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean with listening.

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