Colleges love them. Getting a great score on one or more SAT Subject Tests™ is one of the best ways to show mastery of a particular subject and help your  college application stand out.

Why take SAT Subject Tests

As their name suggests, SAT Subject Tests focus exclusively on one subject. Compared to the SAT, they are a speedy hour long. But if the thought of taking one more exam this semester stresses you out, here are four benefits of taking SAT subject tests.

1. Showcase Your Strengths

Unlike the SAT and other tests, these are the only tests where you choose exactly what subjects you want to take. So, if you’re a literature lover or savvy in Spanish, you can really shine on a Subject Test in an area where you already excel.

2. Show Interest in a Major

If you already have a major or program in mind, a corresponding Subject Test can prove your interest, show why you are qualified and even help with course placement. If you’re looking into a STEM program, for example, you are going to want to take Subject Tests in related fields like Chemistry or Physics to show off your skills. Here’s a full list of SAT Subjects .

3. Some Colleges Require Them

The tests aren’t necessarily optional: Some colleges will require or recommend at least one SAT Subject Test as part of the application or for course placement. So, you definitely want to double-check the requirements for the schools you are considering. And, of course, if a college “recommends” them, then you know other applicants are taking them. You don’t want to be at a competitive disadvantage by not supplying scores when others are.

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4. Get College Credit

Some colleges also will grant course credit for excellent performance on the SAT Subject Tests, allowing you to test out of a remedial class in an area where you excel. Along with AP scores, good SAT Subject Test scores  could help you earn college credit while saving on college tuition.

As with any test, you shouldn’t walk in unprepared for what you're about to face. We can help. Our one-on-one  test prep tutors can help you prep when and where works best for you.  

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