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“Academically, OHIO has something for everyone, from astrophysics to the history of rock and roll,” students at this large state-run university boast. And students have an equally wide range of choices when it comes to committing themselves to academics; “You can take advantage of the vast amount of knowledge and resources directly available, or you can forget studies and party,” students tell us. Those seeking a challenge will have no trouble finding it here, however; OHIO boasts “a strong engineering faculty,” a noteworthy aviation program offered within the university’s demanding college of engineering and technology, an “excellent and very selective early childhood education program,” and “one of the best journalism schools in the country”—the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism—which offers “frequent opportunities to learn and grow outside the classroom with guest speakers and special events.” The Scripps College houses “a great communications school” offering great hands-on experience; one student informs us that “Southeast Ohio depends on our college television and radio station for their news, weather, and high school sports.” As at any large university, unassertive students are in danger of getting lost in the crowd, but those who make the effort to seek out faculty and administrators assure us that “the school is very supportive of the students. I have close relationships with multiple professors, and I think that they generally take a strong interest in the students.”

Student Body

The OHIO student body “is pretty homogenous,” with a large contingent of undergrads who are “white, middleto upper-class, and from Ohio.” “We have a small minority population, especially in the undergraduate programs,” one student concedes, “but it’s easy to interact with other cultures if you seek them out.” Students here “try to get involved in community service, especially those involved in Greek life,” and they are “generally friendly.” One student observes that “students totally devoted to their schoolwork are atypical here.” Yet, it should be noted that OHIO students have succeeded in claiming a number of nationally competitive academic awards in recent years, with The Chronicle of Higher Education having recognized Ohio University as being among the nation’s top producers of U.S. Fulbright Students.

Campus Life

“Ohio University has a beautiful campus with lots of character, both in academia and nightlife,” students here report. Though most students remain independent, Greek organizations play a role in the life of the campus, providing service to the community and serving as a social catalyst. Some undergraduates note that the school holds true to its “reputation as a party school.” One says, “It is never hard to find a party on any given night, whether in the dorms or off campus.” One undergrad writes, “A nationwide reputation as a party school is not something I’m proud of,” but most accept things as they are, noting that “Ohio University is a school where everyone can find a group of people doing whatever they’re particularly interested in,” which is to say that partying is hardly the only option here. College athletics are a big draw (especially football, men’s basketball, and women’s volleyball), as are such annual events as Homecoming, and the school is host to literally hundreds of student clubs and organizations serving interests of every variety. Hometown Athens is a typical small college town with access to a wide variety of outdoor activities. The closest cities of note—Columbus, Ohio, and Charleston, West Virginia— are each about a 90-minute drive from the OHIO campus.

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Charles J. Ping Recreation Center
Baker University Center
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Alden Library
6. Front Room Campus Coffeehouse

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Stuart's Opera House-Nelsonville
Dairy Barn - Cultural Arts Center
Strouds Run State Park
Hocking Hills Recreation Area
Hockhocking Adena Bikeway

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
John Glenn International Airport in Columbus is 75 miles (a 1.5-hour drive) from campus. Rental cars are available at the airport. Ground transportation from the airport to Athens should be arranged in advance. Affordable bus service to Athens from the airport and most major cities in Ohio is available at www.ridegobus.com. The Ohio University Airport, which is 12 miles from campus, has a 4,200-foot lighted runway and is open to the public.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From US-33 or US-50 (which merge near Athens), take Exit 17, for OH-682N. There is a traffic circle (roundabout) at the end of the off-ramp. Traffic entering the circle must yield to traffic already in the circle. Keep to the right & take the first exit, onto Richland Ave; cross the Hocking River and enter the Ohio University campus.

Local Accommodations
For convenience, you cannot beat the Ohio University Inn and Conference Center (331 Richland Ave.; 866-593-6661), adjacent to the campus (about a 15-minute walk to the admissions office). The prices are in the moderate range.


Applicants: 25,385
Acceptance Rate: 85%
Average HS GPA: 3.65



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