Overall Features


Class Size



Hours of Instruction

15 hours of live instruction


Number of Tests

4 full-length proctored New SATs to help you sharpen your pacing skills


  • Better Scores Guarantee
  • Access to our new adaptive student portal.  You can spend your time studying on your unique areas of focus to help you maximize your score
  • In-class review of all SAT content

SAT Fundamentals—key strategies and focused prep. Work with an expert instructor and reinforce what you learn with custom online tools. Better scores guaranteed.

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  • 15 hours of in-class prep with an expert instructor
  • Online lessons to help reinforce your in-class prep
pratice test

Practice Tests

  • 4 proctored practice tests with detailed online explanations
  • 6 additional practice tests to help sharpen your skills
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Additional Resources

  • Maximize your score with a custom online lesson plan
  • 240 drills, 2,000 online practice questions and 140+ video lessons