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The only historically black, Roman Catholic school in the country, Xavier University of Louisiana provides undergraduates with a myriad of “great opportunities” for everything from “study abroad [to]...professional development and career preparation.” Academically, the university is “very STEM oriented.” And many students report that “if you want to be in any of the sciences, Xavier is the place to be.” This helps explain why the university “produces the most black doctors in the nation.” However, if you’re not headed to medical school, fret not. Current students say that “all programs, no matter how small, are great and have so much to offer.” Even better, Xavier professors are known to be “very caring” and “very kind.” And students love that their instructors “want you to ask a lot of questions.” Just as critical, the vast majority of teachers here make sure that they’re available when undergrads need them. As one thankful student explains, “My professors help me with issues outside of school, and are always accessible outside of their office hours whether by email or just stopping by.” Perhaps this is why another undergrad concludes, “Xavier has the tools to help everyone get where they want to be.”

Student Body

Undergrads at Xavier love that the student body manages to feel like a “close-knit family.” As one individual explains, “Everyone here wants to do well.... We all want to see each other succeed, and we help each other as much as possible.” Additionally, many students bond over their shared desire “to become...prominent leaders in the community and promote wellness for all people of color.” Undergrads also report that their peers are “motivated,” “hard working,” and “understand that getting an education is a blessing.” Hence, many are “very focused on their studies.” Moreover, while the school is certainly co-ed, some undergrads do make a point of noting that there are far “more female students compared to male.” A large number also hail from “New Orleans and surrounding areas.” Importantly, Xavier is an Historically Black College and University (HBCU), and lots of individuals insist that you’ll find “diverse intellectuals who come from all races, cultures, creeds, and religions.” Another grateful student shares, “Everyone comes from various backgrounds and has such unique ways of approaching problems in the world today. My peers at Xavier always look out for one another and are welcoming to all. There’s no room for intolerance, and it’s always easy to find a companion.”

Campus Life

Students here are quick to declare that “life at Xavier is wonderful and cool.” While “class and school work are top priorities,” these undergrads still manage to carve out time for study breaks and for fun. Certainly, a “majority of the students are involved in clubs, organizations, or have a job on campus.” And many are also drawn to the “fun events” that the Xavier Activities Board (XAB) hosts “throughout the semester.” For example, XAB “plan[s] movie nights” and throws “live music Fridays [which bring] local artists or DJs [to] the yard [and allows] students to socialize and end the week of studies.” We’re also told that a number of Xavier undergrads also “spend their time in the recreational gym.” Students do report, however, that Xavier “isn’t much of a” While there are a handful of “parties thrown by various campus organizations,” most people “usually go to clubs and parties off campus to enjoy themselves on the weekend.” And, naturally, hometown New Orleans provides a plethora of cultural and entertainment options as well. Undergrads can frequently be found visiting “sights around [the city] such as the museums], City Park, and the garden district.”


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