The scores you receive on the GRE will remain valid for admission to graduate or business school for 5 years. In August 2011 the GRE was redesigned and its scoring scale was revised, so depending on when you tested, you may have scores from the old test, the revised test or both. So how do you compare the scores from the old test to scores from the revised GRE? The chart below can help with comparing your scores:

Your GRE score, the graph

How to read the chart

The column at the center of the chart shows a range of scores from the revised GRE, while the columns to either side indicate the percentile ranking and percentage of test takers in any given score range. These scores give an estimate of how you scored on the old test as compared to the revised test. For more in-depth information or to see how your GRE scores compare to what you might have scored on the GMAT, check out the ETS comparison tool .

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