SHSAT Tutoring

  • Private Tutoring

    You can learn a lot from your peers. But sometimes you can learn more without them. For those times, a private tutor is your smarter choice. Whether you want to supercharge your prep course with a few hours of private instruction or choose a full-fledged tutoring program, you’ll benefit from:

    • Exceptional instruction –our tutors are truly the best-of-the-best in terms of training, expertise and dedication.
    • Completely custom –your tutor will design a prep plan targeted to your specific needs.
    • Stellar Results –our tutors are goal oriented and results driven. Just like you.
    • Flexibility and convenience –a schedule built around your hectic lifestyle and the freedom to choose in–person or web-based sessions.
    • No distractions –your tutor will keep you motivated and help you to focus on achieving your best score.
  • Choosing a Tutor

    Regardless of what level of Princeton Review tutor you select, you will be working with a highly qualified instructor trained to help you achieve your maximum potential.

    Premier Tutors

    All absolutes apply: our most experienced, most successful, most dedicated and most sought-after teachers. Premier tutors have amassed over 1,000 hours of tutoring and have spectacular track records of consistently achieving phenomenal results for their students. They are also often the people who write The Princeton Review books, design The Princeton Review courses and train The Princeton Review teachers. These women and men are our best.

    Master Tutors

    Our Master Tutors are experienced educators who achieved a significant promotion due to their remarkable score improvements, impressive communication skills, dedication, adaptability and efficiency. They have over 500 hours of tutoring and are highly skilled at successfully working with students who have a wide variety of learning needs and academic goals.

    Private Tutors

    Our most gifted classroom instructors, those who consistently receive outstanding evaluations from both students and staff, are given the opportunity to advance to the Private Tutoring level. These dynamic and engaging teachers have repeatedly proven themselves by helping students significantly raise their test scores.

    We’re matchmakers at heart.

    There’s no question that each Princeton Review tutor is highly qualified, but that doesn't mean that every one of them is the right fit for you. That's why we take the time to find the tutor who best matches your needs and learning style.

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