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The City University of New York School of Law is an “academically rigorous” school that “also [provides] heavy academic support to help students succeed.” Known as “the capital of public interest,” CUNY is “the ideal law school for anyone interested in public service from government to LGBT rights to environmental law.” The school is very affordable, and the administration works hard to help students financially. For example, “all required books are included in tuition [and] are ordered by CUNY for each student.” The school promotes “progressive values” and the faculty and students “take their idealism into the practical real world and don’t let ‘law school’ (typically dehumanizing and alienating) taint their mission to help social justice causes.” “The public interest world in New York City respects CUNY” and students say that “CUNY’s academic reputation as a ‘3rd tier’ school wholly underestimates its quality.”
Academically, CUNY is “both challenging and stimulating” with “great professors” who are “very dedicated to social justice and the school’s public interest mission.” If there is any issue with the classes, it is in “the breadth of classes offered” as “most classes are public interest oriented and there is a lack of tax and business related courses.” CUNY’s faculty really stands out in its “diversity.” This “diverse and highly skilled faculty” includes many who “were public interest practitioners before joining the faculty.” “All the professors at CUNY” are approachable and willing “to meet with you outside of the classroom.” CUNY professors “not only have remarkable public interest law careers” but are “effective educators” who don’t engage in “terrifying exercises of the Socratic method, just for the sake of using the Socratic method.” Rather, the professors use techniques that “engender vibrant discussions of the cases and the law, usually framed within the context of social justice."
Students love the “sleek,” “amazing,” and “gorgeous” “new building,” which provides “so many areas for sitting and talking or studying.” While the CUNY law “library is modest,” students have access to the massive “interlibrary loan” program at CUNY and “extensive database subscriptions.” The most common complaint among students is the administration, which “is by far the weakest part of the school.” “The administration is at best a train wreck” and “run by very well-meaning, but very backward-minded people.” Others say the administration “is supportive of students” and that there is a great “sense of community among the student body, faculty & administration.” One happy student sums up CUNY as having “a unique supportive environment, among students and between students and the administration and faculty. It is a great place to learn!”

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Employers who most frequently hire graduates
Legal Aid Society; NY Appellate Division, 3rd Department; Brooklyn District Attorney's Office; Bronx Defenders; NJ Supreme Court; Brooklyn Defenders, Colorado Defenders, Mass. Public Council, Bronx District Attorney's Office, NYC Law Department, Legal Services of New York NYC Law Department.

Graduates Employed by Area

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Prominent Alumni

Rita Mella
Manhattan Surrogate Court Judge

William Massey
Partner at Gladstein, Reif & Meginniss LLP

Judith C. McCarthy
U.S. Magistrate Judge

Muhammad Usman Faridi
Counsel Patterson Belknap

Harvey Epstein
Director Community Development Project, Urban Justice Center


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May 1

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Located in Long Island City, Queens, CUNY is “easily accessible by subway, Long Island Rail Road, and by car.” New York City is a haven of diversity, and this is reflected in CUNY’s student body. “The school is diverse in age, race, and socioeconomic background” and “students bring with them diverse work experiences which greatly enhance the overall community.” The student body is “filled with students of various backgrounds, life styles and ambitions,” and skews “slightly older” than many law schools. Students describe CUNY as a “safe space” “where differences in opinions are tolerated.”
“The amount of school events is staggering” and “student groups are very active and supportive of each other.” CUNY law itself provides “the benefits and burdens of belonging to a small community” and it’s “not possible to blend into the woodwork” here. However, if a student “desires a bit of anonymity” all of New York City is only a short subway ride away! “Besides, someone you know is always going to a bar or a nice long walk or an art show and inviting you along,” one student adds.

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Degna P. Levister
Clinical Law Professor/Interim Assistant Dean of Admissions

2 Court Square
Long Island City, NY 11101-4356