Sponsored by Academic Studies Abroad

Academic Studies Abroad (ASA) is a leader in study abroad to Spain, Italy, France, Ireland, and England. A study abroad program is a great experience full of life–long memories. And ASA's study abroad programs in Spain, Italy, England, Ireland, and France provide you with that unforgettable study abroad experience combined with independence, learning, and support at an affordable price.

Any program can get you to a country and find you a place to live. It takes a certain kind of program, however, to provide you with all the tools necessary to ensure that your experience is both memorable and fulfilling. That's why ASA provides students in all of our programs with:

  • Site directors who can provide daily tutoring and are on-call 24 hours a day
  • Home–stays with pre–screened families
  • Guided excursions to other cities within your host country
  • Classes taught at universities, not language institutes
  • Personal attention to any academic goals you may have
  • Health insurance
  • A free cell phone
  • And much, much more!

In today's global economy, knowing other languages is important, but understanding their nuances and idioms is key. Since language is intimately entwined with culture, we want all of our students to leave our program feeling that they have not only increased their grasp of the Spanish language, but have increased their knowledge and understanding of the culture of their host country.

Academic Studies Abroad Gets You Prepared

We understand that being prepared is important to a successful experience. That's why our team has labored over the years to refine our program. We help you to prepare with:

  • A detailed orientation package upon approval into the program
  • A detailed orientation program when you arrive in your host country
  • An experienced staff willing to answer all of your questions

Academic Studies Abroad Has a Wonderful Family to Host You

All of our students live with a family that's been carefully screened. Most of our families have been with us for years and are accustomed to having students living with them. You truly become a part of the family and when you leave, you'll realize that you now have an extended family for years to come. Should you have any troubles with your family, our site director is always on–call to assist you or to move you to a new family.

Seeing the Country

Our excursions are designed to help you see some of the major historical and cultural sites of your host country. At many of the sites you will have a guided tour, yet will also be left with plenty of time to explore on your own. We have both day trips to different sites, as well as overnight stays at some of the further locations. All of the excursions are included in the cost of the program, including the cost of the hotel. While we encourage our students to participate in all of the excursions, it is never a requirement.


Our students take classes with other foreign students who are also there to learn Spanish. Many of our advanced students also have the opportunity to take classes with students from their host country. All of your classes will be taught in Spanish and while you may find that some of your professors speak English, the majority will not.

The ASA Staff

The ASA team is a group of people who are well traveled, experienced in foreign education, always there to assist you and best of all, they are people who have studied abroad themselves. We know what it's like to move into a new home, in a new country, with a new language and it's this first–hand experience which makes us true professionals when it comes to studying abroad. We want to see all of our students leave our program feeling that they are leaving the best experience of their life. For some of our students, this will be their first time outside of the United States and their first exposure to a new culture. We recognize that this is not always an easy adjustment and our orientations help take away some of the surprise and guesswork that often leads to anxiety. No question or request is too small. We look forward to speaking with you soon!