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By teaching rigorous business, finance and economics, connecting students to best practices and immersing them in international experiences, Brandeis International Business School (IBS) prepares exceptional individuals to become principled professionals in companies and public institutions worldwide. The school is part of Brandeis University, a medium-sized private research university in the Boston suburb of Waltham, Massachusetts. The school welcomes students from all over the United States and around the world into its innovative and diverse community. The school has unsurpassed access to renowned Brandeis faculty and a global network of over 50,000 alumni in 160 countries.


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Brandeis IBS utilizes a holistic application review process. We consider each applicant's academic history, professional background, and communication and leadership skills, as well as potential contribution to the Brandeis IBS community. View our class profile data below. Work experience and average age represent our MBA class only.

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Acceptance Rate
Average Undergrad GPA
Years Work Experience
Average Age

Test Scores

GMAT (25th and 75th percentiles)
550 - 650
3.04 - 3.57


Round 1
November 1

Round 2
January 6

Round 3
March 15

Round 4
April 15

Other Admission Factors


GMAT Score
Undergraduate GPA

Work Experience

School Type And Accreditation

School Type


Selectivity Rating


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Degrees Offered

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

This 16-month to two-year degree lets students choose from five optional concentrations (Finance, Data Analytics, Marketing, Real Estate and Strategy & Innovation).

Master of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA)

The new one-year Master of Science in Business Analytics program combines data analytics and related programming courses with training in finance, marketing and business dynamics.

Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance (MA)

The unique two-year MA program offers concentrations in Applied Economic Analysis, Data Analytics, Financial Economics, Marketing and Real Estate Finance. Seniors who are completing a degree in economics or business at a U.S. institution may qualify for admission to the Accelerated MA program, which lets students earn the MA in just one year of post-BA study.

Master of Science in Finance (MSF)

This 16-month program offers expertise in risk management, transfer pricing and valuation, asset management and corporate finance. The MSF degree is part of the CFA Institute University Recognition Program which recognizes curricula that incorporate at least 70% of the CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK).

Academic Programs

Brandeis IBS offers three master's degrees in addition to the MBA--and all four programs taught by an international faculty of respected scholars and seasoned practitioners to prepare students to become World Ready in analytics, business, economics and finance. Students learn to recognize the interplay of economic, political and social forces as well as the dynamics of cross-border commerce and how to find opportunity in volatility across global markets. Off-campus experiential learning experiences give students real-world experience through internships and consulting projects so they graduate with a practical skillset and a global perspective.

Program Types






Faculty Information

Total Faculty


Students Say

At Brandeis International Business School (IBS), "learning is not limited to theoretical concepts. Keeping education connected to the real world of business and policy is an integral part of the IBS experience." The University offers students a "strong foundation in economics and finance." Moreover, Brandeis is renowned for its "global focus," and MBA candidates here are privy to "a truly global platform for professionals who seek advancement in international business." Indeed, many people here greatly appreciate that the school "has students from more than seventy countries." It provides an "excellent cultural mix" and "terrific exposure [to other] cultures." Overall, the "academic rigor can be quite high, but it, in part, depends on what course load you choose to take and how much you want to challenge yourself."

Importantly, Brandeis students are full of praise for their professors. Certainly, they "are well respected in their fields" and are "always available to provide further guidance." And one content second year student adds, "The professors are very friendly, extremely smart, and are concerned that we graduate with a great job. The open-door policy is very true." This admiration also extends to Brandeis' administration. As a first year student happily shares, "The administration is very proactive in organizing the events at the college and making sure that everyone participates in these events." And another second-year student quickly follows up stating, "Whatever you want to get done, the school's administration will help you achieve it."


International Business
Real Estate

Specialized Masters


Center for Research

International Business


Courses in Sustainability

Sustainability course is


Research Opportunities in Sustainability


School's environmental commitment 1:
Field Projects in Sustainable Business

Career Overview

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The Career Strategies Center takes a personal approach in providing students with customized career planning. Students attend career fairs and campus visits from companies as well as Industry Treks. They interact with firms such as JP Morgan, Deloitte, State Street, Facebook, Apple, Analysis Group, Goldman Sachs, Dell-EMC and Fidelity. Brandeis IBS offers internship programs with financial awards as well as access to a career strategies platform which connects students to more than 25,000 recruiters worldwide. The Career team includes full-time career coaches, executives in residence and faculty members who provide career counseling plus job and internship search support to students. Please see below for information on MBA salary and employment outcomes as well as career distributions by industry, function and location for all our programs.

Average Starting Salary
Accepted employment by 3 months after graduation

Graduates Employed by Area of Practice


Graduates Employed by Region


Students Say

Brandeis' IBS Career Center strives to help their students land plum internships and employment opportunities. The office provides a number of services, from access to online libraries and databases to career education and advising. Students frequently take advantage of mock interview lessons, company information sessions, and panel presentations. Additionally, there are a handful of networking events, the culmination of which is the school's annual on-campus career fair. Of course, despite the Career Center 's best efforts, many students wish they would be more proactive about attracting more companies. As one first-year student shared, "Although the Career Services Office does a great job, the possibilities to get paid internships are limited. From my point of view, most local and small companies recruit here." Additionally, a second-year student chimes in that he'd like to see "job placement increase for international students in the United States." However, an optimistic and hopeful student counters, "It is definitely a young school, but the rate that we are growing with the intelligent people graduating from here, in a few years we will have a larger alumni network of extremely successful professionals, who will carry the Brandeis IBS name throughout the world as a premier education in international business."

Companies which have recruited at Brandeis IBS include: Apple, Accenture, BlackRock, Bloomberg LP,, comScore, Inc, Cornerstone Research, Dassault Systemes, Deloitte, EMC, Ernst & Young, Facebook, Fidelity, Goldman Sachs, Google, HSBC, IBM, Infor, JP Morgan, Chase, Kimberly-Clark, KPMG, Moody's Analytics, NERA Economic Consulting, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Santander, State Street, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, UBS, Wilson Sporting Goods, World Bank.

Job Function

Job Function % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Consulting 25%
Finance / Accounting 25% $68,000 $77,667 $55,000 $110,000
Marketing / Sales 25% $55,000 $55,000 $40,000 $70,000
Other 17% $77,500 $77,500 $65,000 $90,000
Operations / Logistics 8%


Industries % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Technology 33% $80,000 $80,000 $70,000 $90,000
Consulting 17%
Financial Services 17% $61,500 $61,500 $55,000 $68,000
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare 17% $87,500 $87,500 $65,000 $110,000
Manufacturing 8%
Other 8%

Prominent Alumni

Yoni Balan
Global Business Development at Kronos

David Katsnelson
Director, Macroeconomics at RISI

Varun Seth
Account Director at Ogilvy & Mather, New Delhi

Dr. Nikola Perovic
Programme Manager at the United Nations Development Programme - Center for Sustainable Development

Zenobia Moochhala
VP of Consumer Marketing, Co-Founder at


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The school offers generous merit-based scholarships to both domestic and international students, and 100% of admitted students are automatically considered for scholarships as part of the application process. Criteria for partial and full-tuition scholarships include leadership traits, academic achievement, personal background and graduate education focus.


Application Deadlines
Jan 6

Financial Aid Statistics

Average Aid Package

Average Scholarship / Grant Aid Package

Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

All Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

New Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Loans

Tuition Full-Time (per year)

Tuition (In-State)
Tuition (Out-State)
Fees (In-State)
Fees (Out-State)

Expenses per Academic Year

Estimated Room And Board Off-Campus
Academic Expenses

Student Body Profile

Total Enrollment
Part Time

In State
Out of State
Foreign Countries Represented



53% female
48% male

Campus Life

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Along with many cultural and sports clubs, students can pursue leadership and development opportunities through professional and academic clubs focusing on consulting, marketing, private equity, real estate and more. Brandeis IBS has students from over 40 countries, and graduates often cite the international community as one of the most important parts of their experience. Many of the relationships forged in this setting continue well beyond graduation, linking alumni to a truly global network of friendships and connections.

Students Say

If pressed to describe their peers in one word, most MBA candidates at Brandeis would define their fellow students as "diverse." Indeed, the program is "hugely internation- al," and "everyone here is open to new experiences." By and large, people find their classmates "cooperative" and "collaborative." And one second year breathes a sigh of relief explaining, "They are friendly, and the environment is encouraging as opposed to competitive." One slightly chagrined student does note that "the average student age is younger than I had expected." Another student concurs, adding that some classmates are "a bit too young and a bit too inexperienced to be in business school." Others disagree and quickly assert that their fellow students "bring interesting perspectives" and argue that there are plenty of "people with different professional backgrounds [to] enrich dis- cussions." Perhaps this student sums up his peers best: "They are people I want to spend time with outside of the school."

Life at Brandeis moves "very fast." Students are "constantly multi-tasking between class work, group projects, and club events." Certainly there is much to participate in. As one MBA candidate highlights, "There are lots of clubs, and importantly, lots of opportunities of opening ones on your own. TGIFs and group activities at the International Business School are a good time to get together and relax after pretty stressful and hectic (although rewarding and energizing at the same time) study weeks at Brandeis." Additionally, stu- dents love to take advantage of Brandeis' proximity to Boston. As one student reveals, "Access to Boston is great. The school helps out on the weekend by providing busses, which run later than public transportation."

More Information

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Campus-wide Internet Network

Internet Access for All Students

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Campus and Location

While rigorous, the educational experience is delivered in the context of an inclusive and caring campus environment. Faculty and staff are highly accessible and offer personal attention to students. Classes are interactive and typically small, which allows students to truly get to know their professors and one another. Through frequent collaboration, students forge friendships with classmates from all over the world, further enhancing their academic experience and long-term professional network.

The school is located close to Boston, one of the most vibrant, student-friendly cities in the United States. The metropolitian area has nearly three dozen colleges and universities with 250,000 students. This access enables students to cross-register at other institutions to puruse unique course or academic opportunities. Boston is also a leading U.S. financial hub with a booming tech and innovation industry, making it a great location for starting or furthering a dynamic career.

Micha Sabovik
Executive Director

415 South Street
MS 032
Waltham, MA 02454
United States




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