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Clarkson University, located in Potsdam New York, is a private university known "first and foremost as an undergrad engineering school"; however, many students look to its burgeoning business program to help them get a foothold in the business world. Its MBA program allows many of its students to finish in fewer than twelve months, even though many believe they could receive their degree in around "nine months." The "speed and reputation" of the program are just two of the good aspects of the program that many students enjoy. The school tends to use its engineering acumen to teach students about innovations in the engineering sector that may affect business and its own Institute for a Sustainable Environment, which helps to foster "green business."

The main focus of the curriculum, however, is the use of the "supply chain" style of management. While many find this especially "helpful" in the workplace, some students wish the curriculum were a little broader and that the school "cater a little more to marketing and sales students." One thing all students can agree on is that they love the size of the school and praise that, "[it] is very small [and] gives each student a very personalized experience." The faculty are a huge part of the experience and each takes "the time to get to know" the students. Those enrolled in the program think that most professors are "absolutely wonderful" and have taught them a great deal about various facets of business, yet the professors are occasionally hindered by an administration that is not exactly "unified," leaving some to re-teach material that students have already learned. Some subjects may also be under taught. Despite this, they say that the faculty is more than "willing to help students with schoolwork and find jobs." If the faculty is not available, many students love the team-oriented courses and say they "love working at school as [their] fellow students are always available if [they] need help."

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Applicants: 91
Acceptance Rate: 90%
Average Undergrad GPA 3.40
Years Work Experience: 0.7
Average Age: 24



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