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Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Business is located in the heart of downtown Richmond, VA and is known for the “the quality of the faculty,” “a good reputation,” “low cost,” and its “location.” VCU’s location places it squarely in the “backyard of many Fortune 500 companies” and “gives students direct access to executives of multinational companies” as well as “real-world knowledge.” In addition to its full-time program, VCU offers a “part time program with night classes,” which is a great “option for working professionals.” The cost of tuition is also lower than the University of Richmond, making it a good fit for those who want a great education at an affordable price.

VCU’s connection to a “thriving, growing city with a younger demographic” translates to its course offerings. They “realize that it’s important to be innovative,” and “update their curriculum with the times, and focus on business as it currently exists, not as it existed ten to fifteen years ago,” notes a student from the Class of 2016. Students also praise the focus on “entrepreneurship” and the “great connections for learning and post-graduate opportunities.”

Students cite “the real world experience the professors provide” as one of the “greatest strengths” of the VCU’s MBA program. In fact, VCU’s School of Business recently released its new strategic plan, EPIC (Experiential Learning, Problem-Solving Curricula, Impactful Research, Creative Culture) with an emphasis on problem-solving through innovation and creativity. The “professors are a good mixture of academics and experienced businesspeople.” Many “professors have assignments pertaining to current business dealings,” which students find especially informative. And “many of the professors make apparent efforts to incorporate very current topics and news into class discussion or assignments.” In addition, at “the MBA level VCU uses tenured professors and does not rely exclusively on adjuncts.” Students are “very impressed with professors” and say they are “very accommodating to working students.” All are “accessible and willing to work with students outside of class time.” Professors go out of their way to assist students “be it professional development, networking, classwork, etc.” They are “involved in other activities in the business community and leverage that ‘real world’ experience in the classroom.” As one student notes, “It’s rare to find a group of people that, as a whole, are as dedicated to helping the population they support (the students) succeed as the faculty at VCU.”

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