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The cornerstone of Ball State University's educational philosophy is its commitment to experiential or "immersive learning." In addition to completing class work, students participate in research or community-based projects and complete capstone requirements. Students love these "unique" and "practical" opportunities that "prepare them for the future." Ball State has many "very distinguished" academic programs, including communications, theater, education, and architecture. There is also an Honors College, which "provides a unique experience for students who want to further enrich their education." Professors in the Honors College are "far beyond excellent," and instructors throughout the school are also "excellent" and knowledgeable," with "many… still doing research and writing papers in their fields." They are "very accessible and caring" and "want to see [students] succeed." Ball State offers students "an immense amount of opportunities." "If you aren't changed for the better during your time here," a public relations student quips, "you must be a caveman."

Student Body

Ball State is a large state school with almost 20,000 students, so there are people from "all walks of life." "The typical student is likely from Indiana or somewhere in the Midwest," and is "probably white." That said, the school is becoming more ethnically and religiously diverse, and there is a "large population of international students, so "it is…impossible to get on a bus or go to a dining hall or to the library without hearing a few different languages." A nursing student says "for the stodgy Midwest," Ball State "offers a nice out-of-the-box feel." "Fitting in is simply a matter of getting involved with the any of the numerous activities and rubbing elbows." "Most students take their studying seriously" and are "hard-working," but they "also make some time to spend time with other people in their dorm as well as others," and "enjoy going out and partying on weekends." Despite its large size and "somewhat large campus," Ball State "is a friendly and comfortable community in which to work, live, and study."

Campus Life

Ball State's campus is "beautiful and not too big," and it has a "friendly and open atmosphere" often associated with smaller schools. The campus is "going green," and students love that the school is "forward-thinking" and "embraces new technology. " The campus is completely wireless, and the David Letterman building (yes, that David Letterman) is "full of all sorts of new technology for everyone to use." These advances are all a part of Ball State's effort to shake its image as a "party school," so it can be viewed "as even more of an elite school." Plenty of students still like to let loose, however, and the solid Greek system means it's not hard to find a party. Lots of students are down on the "boring," and "awful" town of Muncie, but others defend it. "Muncie has become way more interesting," says a psychology major. "There are plenty of nice shops, restaurants, and even a pretty decent theater that puts on a variety of shows throughout the year." Luckily for students who aren't fans, "The village right off campus features sports bars, a restaurant, fast food, book stores, and other little novelty spots," and the school isn't too far from Indianapolis and Fort Wayne. However, "there are so many activities…at Ball State you rarely need to leave campus," including lots of "late night activities, movie nights, and clubs on and off campus."

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Student Recreation and Wellness Facility
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Downtown Muncie
Minnetrista Cultural Center
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Movie theaters, Cardinal Greenway

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Applicants: 22,147
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