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Located just thirty minutes outside of Chicago, Elmhurst University provides its 2,600 undergraduates “an environment of free thought” and a “robust learning experience” across more than sixty majors. The liberal arts education is bolstered by “a lot of resources [that are] available for students to help them succeed in class” and it “provides [them the] opportunity to become well-rounded” individuals. By encouraging students “to engage in a variety of ways outside of class, including research, seminars, [and] internships,” service learning is prevalent here. Added to that are small classes, which mean “getting time with a professor is never a problem.” And based on enthusiastic responses, about these “exceptionally bright, gifted, and educated” faculty, you’ll want to see your “down to earth” teachers, who strive to make sure their students not only “thoroughly understand the material, [but also how to] apply it.” It helps, too, that professors assign “projects [that] are often given a lot of artistic individual choice.” One student shares, “I’ve had professors email me to check in and make sure I was doing alright if I was quieter than usual in class.” It’s clear that the instructors here “do not only teach, they avidly help their students succeed,” all with the goal of “building personal and lasting relationships.”

Student Body

As one student puts it, “What sets students at Elmhurst apart from other [universities] is the genuine kindness and compassion that is displayed.” As such, this is an “outgoing and social” school where “people will start up a conversation with you and make you feel welcome right away.” That’s good because the Elmhurst community features “a great blend of traditional and nontraditional students, with an environment that intermingles on-campus students with those who commute.” Regardless of where the students live, though, they’re all “very driven and goal-oriented,” and “many typically work at a job and internship, and volunteer every week.” But should you ever feel overwhelmed, the majority of students here are “very welcoming and open to helping other students,” and “it is a very small environment so making friends is easy.” Another student sums it up by saying, “Elmhurst is a campus that I can feel safe in, and that is largely due to the student body.”

Campus Life

Students not only largely agree that “life at Elmhurst is very calm” but they seem to prefer it. Attendees “fill their days mostly by hanging out with friends or spending their time … in different clubs or organizations.” One activity that many tend to gravitate towards is Greek life, which “plays a huge role” for several students—plus, Greek-sponsored events “take place semi-frequently” for the other students to enjoy as well. (Perhaps surprisingly, though, on-campus parties “are mostly sports-related.”) The school’s student center also has a lot going on, as “there always seems to be free food or an activity.” But the student center pulls double duty: “It’s a very comfortable environment for long periods of casual studying” too. Overall, “Elmhurst has a ton to offer in terms of entertainment, dining, outdoor activities, museums, and is a quick drive or train ride to Chicago.” Also notable are claims that “it’s a very safe area where everyone is able to pursue their interests freely and without concern.”

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Starbucks Coffee Shop
Founders Lounge, Frick Center
Weigand Center for Professional Excellence
Mill Theatre, Irion Hall for Music students, E-Celerator Space

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Brew Point
Elmhurst Art Museum
Gia Mia
Classic Cinemas York Theatre
Elmhurst Public Library

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