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Lewis & Clark College offers students everything they could possibly want: a “sense of community, beautiful campus, great academics, and lots of opportunities to engage in extracurriculars.” Indeed, “it is a very welcoming” school, one filled with people who “care about the classes they are taking and the work that they are doing.” In particular, students shine a spotlight on the school’s “amazing job of engaging students in experiential learning,” which includes “service work to underserved communities as well as educational and mentorship opportunities at nearby schools.” Undergrads praise being able to “work with incarcerated people to explore topics of historical injustices in the criminal justice system or write expert witness statements for immigrants seeking citizenship in the U.S.”

Students note that lower-level classes tend to be “much more lecture based” than many of the seminar-style upper-level classes that feature active group discussion, but are described as “still fascinating,” due in large part to the fact that “professors are sure to engage their students by asking questions and encouraging participation.” On this, undergraduates are largely unanimous: their teachers “are one of the best things about Lewis & Clark…dedicated to teaching and exclusively focused on the undergraduate experience.” As one enrollee puts it, “Not only do they provide great instruction in the classroom, but they are available outside of the classroom to talk about class, life, and your future after college.” A classmate concurs, adding, “I have made close connections with professors here—they have me feel like I am valuable, that my voice is important. I am so grateful for this, and I think this is a rare thing.”

Student Body

Peers at Lewis & Clark are described as “overwhelmingly white, very liberal, and generally pretty well-off, financially,” with many hailing from the Bay Area, Washington, and Oregon. Among this cohort, there is also a group of “tight-knit international students” and “a very large and welcoming queer community.” Some of the population describes itself as politically “very radical…compared to other colleges,” but the overall consensus is of a student body that is “pretty balanced,” particularly when it comes to the partying culture, which “never feels unhealthy or unsafe.” The atmosphere, in short, is “very warm, welcoming, and open-minded,” the sort of place where “no matter where I go on campus, there is always someone to wave to or stop and chat with.” Indeed, “it is a very accepting community where everyone can feel comfortable in being their true selves and it is a place where you’ll find your people.” In other words, as this classmate sums up, “We form such special bonds at this institution and I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else.”

Campus Life

Lewis & Clark is “a pretty lax place, so you can kind of socialize at your own pace,” whether that means partaking in the countless school events or just chilling in one’s dorm. It’s “really easy to start a club, so there is also something that caters to everyone.” This eclectic mix includes “a club dedicated to the art of fire dancing” and a “beekeeping and gardening club,” as well as staples like cheer, step, speech and debate, and a radio station. Some students also highlight the international affairs symposium, noting that it’s “one of the most special things we have. They bring speakers from all over the world to debate on controversial topics and they are very interdisciplinary.” Crafty and creatively inclined undergrads can take advantage of the Platteau, a “student-centered art center with free access to a ceramics studio, dance studio, darkroom, printing press, music studio, and general arts needs.” Additionally, the school is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with one club providing “affordable weekend trips and free gear…for backpacking, white-water rafting, rock climbing, etc.” As for downtown Portland, it offers a nice respite from campus life. It’s typical to see students sampling the “cafés, brunch places, and thrift shops, museums, [and] malls.”

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Most Popular Places On Campus
Aubrey Watzek Library
Templeton Student Center
Pamplin Sports Center
Estate Gardens
Dovecote Coffee Shop
You should also visit the Hoffman Art Gallery, Evan Williams Memorial Tree Walk, and JR Howard Hall (most recent example of our commitment to sustainable building practices).

Most Popular Places Off Campus
Downtown Portland- so much to see and do!
Columbia River Gorge & Multnomah Falls
Mt. Hood
Oregon Coast
Powell's Book Store
Be sure to plan time for lunch at one of Portland's food carts.

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Overnight Dorm Stays

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Types of Transportation Available to Campus
The Portland International Airport is approximately 20 miles from campus. Tri-Met (public transportation) taxis and ride share options are available for transportation to campus from the airport. Amtrak trains and Greyhound/Trailways buses serve Portland.

Driving Instructions to Campus
From I-5, exit to Terwilliger Blvd. Follow Terwilliger south and east to campus (toward Tryon Creek State Park). The admissions office is in Frank Manor House.

Local Accommodations
Lewis and Clark is 6 miles south of Portland city center, in the southwest section of the city. There are a variety of hotels and bed and breakfast options throughout the city and surrounding area.


Applicants: 5,815
Acceptance Rate: 74%
Average HS GPA: 3.69



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