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At the Illinois Institute of Technology’s Chicago-Kent College of Law, an emphasis on legal research and writing skills combines with an excellent career services office that pledges to provide individualized guidance for each student to support their career goals. Students can gain practical experience through externships, clinics, and any number of pro bono opportunities found at the Public Interest Resource Center, and there is “a distinct group of alumni who make a great effort to ensure students have as many opportunities as possible.”
The faculty is composed of “great young professors that bring practical knowledge of the changing legal environment.” Chicago-Kent “has a great presence in Chicago” and has many adjunct professors who bring practical experience and real world advice to the classroom. “Overall I have had an excellent experience at Chicago—Kent College of Law,” says a 2L. An “extremely comprehensive/thorough” legal writing program gets high marks, as does the excellent Trial Advocacy program, which includes a popular 8-day intensive course during which students learn the basic principles of trial advocacy (and conduct two trials). “Taking the course was one of the best experiences I have had during law school and I would recommend it to anyone interested in pursuing a career in litigation,” says a student. The professors of this course (and other trial advocacy courses) include “trial attorneys with 10+ years experience, state court judges, federal court judges, prosecutors from the ARDC, and many more”; the wealth of experience they are able to offer is “unparalleled.” It should be unsurprising that the professors are “great at connecting what we’re learning in class to applications in actual law practice.” “I’ve had many professors conclude lessons with phrases like ‘And this will be important to know when you’re a lawyer because...’” says a student. “Often, I feel like I have an edge because of the passion and dedication of my professors.”
The administration is also lauded as “phenomenal.” They “respond to emails promptly and always do their best to help solve your problems and accommodate your needs.” There is a great flexibility in the evening program in catering to working professionals and professors are “sympathetic to busy work schedules,” as displayed by the helpful lead time given for assignments. “Even first-years” are given opportunities to engage with the way Chicago-Kent is run, through student organizations, student government, or simple feedback.
The career counselors are similarly “very well-informed, well-connected, and skilled,” and this trickles into the real world. “I have consistently been able to hit the ground running at each of my internships, which proves to be a great asset for future positions and even for post-grad employment,” says a student. “I’ve been told during externship applications that I don’t need to provide a writing sample saying, ‘Oh, I don’t need that, you go to Kent,’” says another student.

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Chicago-Kent graduates work for a wide variety of employers, both legal and non-legal. A list of representative employers can be found at: http://www.kentlaw.iit.edu/Documents/Departments/Career%20Services/CSO-Representative-Employers-December-2011-(2).pdf

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Prominent Alumni

The Honorable Ilana Diamond Rovner
U.S. Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit

Peter Roskam
Illinois Congressman

Thomas Demetrio
Partner, Corboy & Demetrio

Richard B. Ogilvie
Former governor of Illinois

Jorge Ramirez
President, Chicago Federation of Labor


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Mar 1

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As a school affiliated with a technological institute, the law school is “extremely technologically advanced”; however, “some of the older classrooms and study areas (including the library) could use a facelift.” The student body is “very inclusive.” “There is something for everyone and everyone supports one another.” Chicago-Kent students originate from all over the world, so “many newcomers to Chicago bond closely and spend pretty much every day, including weekends, with each other.” The SBA puts on a decent number of social events (like the “Conviser Bash” every semester), and there is “an extensive array of extra-curricular clubs and societies at Kent.” “No matter what you’re interested in there’s a club for it, and if not you can start one very easily,” says a 1L. The various panels, film screenings, and networking opportunities organized by the school every semester also help to enrich one’s time here. “I’ve had a professor bring breakfast and champagne for the class on the last day of class,” says a student. “Small gestures like that add to the students’ experience and their knowledge that the people around care for them.”

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Nicole Vilches
Assistant Dean for Admissions

565 West Adams Street
Chicago, IL 60661