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Rice University’s Jones Graduate School of Business provides forward-thinking education for the next generation of global leaders. A top 20 school, Rice Business is committed to leadership, integrity and authenticity.

Named in honor of the late Jesse H. Jones, a prominent Houston business and civic leader, Rice Business students have the opportunity to work with the bold ideas of our faculty, cut through the complexities of the business world and make breakthroughs, both personally and professionally.

All courses are taught by a team of dedicated, nationally-recognized professors who integrate insights from their own rigorous, peer-reviewed research to help students understand topics in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior and management in the context of today’s ever-changing business landscape. Learn more from our online ideas magazine, Rice Business Wisdom (, for quick articles about why our faculty’s research is relevant to the business of your daily life.

Rice Business students have the chance to:

  • live, study and play on a 300-acre wooded campus;
  • flourish in their choice of degree program, with the same top-notch faculty, in the same building, on the same campus;
  • tailor their education with over 100 electives;
  • intern anywhere in the world;
  • network with corporate giants;
  • grow with alumni mentors worldwide;
  • drive their career plans forward.
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Rice Business considers each aspect of the application when making admissions decision. Requirements include: GMAT or GRE (GRE or MCAT for joint degree candidates); TOEFL or PTE for some international applicants; transcripts from educational institutions; resume; confidential evaluations; essays; interview (invitation only); completed application form and application fee.

U.S. applicants: four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited college or university

International applicants: undergraduate degree equivalent to a four-year U.S. degree.

Undergraduate and graduate GPAs, GMAT or GRE scores (GRE or MCAT for joint degree candidates), choice of major, electives, course load, and grade patterns are all considered.

Demonstrated leadership and management experiences, both on the job and through extracurricular activities, help assess leadership potential. At least two years of professional work experience is desired. Confidential evaluations from employers provide perspective on potential student capabilities, enabling us to assess your qualifications more accurately.

Essays articulating career goals, work experience and reasons for choosing the Rice MBA program are a crucial component of the application process and convey intangibles.

Acceptance Rate
Average Undergrad GPA
Years Work Experience
Average Age

Test Scores

GMAT (25th and 75th percentiles)
660 - 720
3.05 - 3.78


Rolling Admission Deadline
June 5

Round 1
October 5

Round 2
January 5

Round 3
April 5

Other Admission Factors


GMAT Score
Undergraduate GPA
Letters of Recommendation
Essay / Personal Statement

Extracurricular Activities
Work Experience
Other Factors

School Type And Accreditation

School Type


Selectivity Rating


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Degrees Offered

Rice MBA, MBA for Executives, MBA for Professionals as well as coordinated MBAs in engineering and professional science and an MD/MBA with Baylor College of Medicine. The Ph.D., Master of Accounting and undergraduate business minor round out the degrees offered.

Academic Programs

MBA formats vary from the Full-Time, Executives (weekends), Professionals (weekends, evening or evening extended).


All courses are taught by a team of dedicated, nationally-recognized professors who integrate insights from their own rigorous, peer-reviewed research to help students understand topics in accounting, finance, marketing, organizational behavior and management in the context of today’s ever-changing business landscape. Learn more from our online ideas magazine, Rice Business Wisdom (, for quick articles about why our faculty’s research is relevant to the business of your daily life.

Program Types






Faculty Information

Total Faculty


Students Say

It's safe to say that Rice University's Jones Graduate School of Business is "highly regarded." Armed with a "beautiful campus," "great electives" and overall "well-rounded program," it's easy to see why tomorrow's business leaders flock here. It also doesn't hurt that the school has a reputation for offering "hefty financial aid [packages]." Additionally, given its prime Houston location, it's probably not too surprising that the school's "reputation in the energy industry is unparalleled." Jones also posts "high ranking[s] in entrepreneurship" as well. And prospective students intending to enroll part-time will take heart in hearing that part-timers here "are seamlessly assimilated into the Rice student body." A grateful first-year shares, " I don't feel like a 'part time' student, but as full[y] an MBA candidate as those students who are enrolled in the daytime program."

Importantly, "small class sizes" help to ensure that strong relationships are forged with Jones' "smart, engaging" professors. "Highly respected in their fields," instructors here "are also excellent teachers that truly care about their students." Indeed, they "are very quick to help, and are available in person, on the phone, or by email." Students also give high marks to the "very responsive" administration that ensures that "Rice runs like clockwork."


Courses in Sustainability

Sustainability course is


Research Opportunities in Sustainability

As an approved independent study course.

School's environmental commitment 1:
Nanotechnology and Sustainability Venture Forum, an annual event, held in February of each year. This forum highlights breakthroughs in energy, medicine and advanced materials.

School's environmental commitment 2:
Energy & Clean Technology Venture Forum, an annual event, highlights the "Most Promising Energy and Clean Technology Companies

Career overview

From The School

The business school's Career Development Office offers carefully tailored resources for students and alumni. Located in McNair Hall, the office is staffed by dedicated career experts focused on helping job seekers find the right companies. We believe that hiring a Rice MBA graduate means more than simple talent acquisition for our recruitment partners – we see the optimal relationship as a long-term engagement fostering the flow of world-class talent to top companies that benefits both graduates and their employers.

The Career Development Office provides group workshops and works individually with students to ensure they develop the strategy, job search skills, and networking opportunities that will help them succeed in the professional MBA job market. The full-time student's career development begins even before classes start in order to prepare for the summer internship

Average Starting Salary
Accepted employment by 3 months after graduation

Finding Jobs & Internships

Source Of Full-Time Job Acceptances
School Facilitiated
Graduate Facilitated

Source Of Internship Acceptances
School Facilitiated
Graduate Facilitiated

Graduates Employed by Area of Practice

General Management

Graduates Employed by Region


Students Say

Rice MBAs certainly love to tout Jones' career services office. As one first-year student excitedly shares, "The career center has been phenomenal in helping me think through future options and connecting me to people that can help me achieve my goals." Overall, "the school is very well respected in the energy and investment banking industries." Of course, it also doesn't hurt that Rice's plum Houston location "places it in close proxim- ity to a large number of Fortune 500 companies." An ecstatic second-year explains, "the Houston economy is exploding and we are the best school in the area and have our pick of most of the best jobs." It's also important to note that plenty of opportunity arises from other Jones graduates. As a thankful second-year student concludes, "Alumni are incredibly helpful and willing to meet. I have met with more than twenty alumni for coffee/drinks and never once been turned down."

Companies that tend to hire Rice MBAs include EY (Ernst & Young), Deloitte, ExxonMobil, HP, and Infosys.

Job Function

Job Function % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Finance / Accounting 34% $125,000 $116,714 $75,000 $150,000
Consulting 25% $120,000 $117,040 $75,000 $147,000
Marketing / Sales 15% $102,500 $102,100 $65,000 $135,000
Other 12% $105,000 $115,600 $77,500 $150,000
General Management 9% $98,500 $95,875 $75,000 $115,000
Operations / Logistics 5% $105,000 $93,333 $55,000 $120,000


Industries % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Financial Services 27% $125,000 $119,123 $75,833 $150,000
Consulting 22% $120,000 $117,889 $82,900 $147,000
Petroleum / Energy 14% $113,500 $116,583 $100,000 $150,000
Technology 14% $102,500 $101,091 $65,000 $140,000
Other 7% $102,500 $110,000 $95,000 $140,000
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare 6% $80,000 $87,500 $75,000 $115,000
Consumer Products 4% $100,000 $100,200 $95,000 $105,600

Prominent Alumni

Meg Gentle
CEO/President Tellurian Investments, LLC

Keith Anderson
Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, Anderson Global Macro LLC and former Chief Investment Officer for Soros Fund Management

Lee Boothby
Chairman, President and CEO, Newfield Exploration Company

Jim Turley
Retired Chairman & CEO of Ernst & Young (EY), and Honorary Director and former Chair of Catalyst’s Board of Directors (from 2009-2013)

Doug Lawler
Chief Executive Officer and Director, Chesapeake Energy


From The School

Tuition for the full-time program for the 2016-2017 academic year is $53,000. The total two-year tuition for the MBA for Professionals program for students beginning in fall 2016 is $98,500 (evenings) or $102,000 (weekends). The total two-year tuition for the MBA for Executives program for students beginning in fall 2016 is $115,000.

Over 82 percent of students attending the Full-Time MBA program receive merit-based scholarships. Rice University's Office of Student Financial Services also administers a variety of federally and privately funded loan programs. Rice Business has over 40 distinct, named, merit-based scholarships, including the James W. Crownover Scholarship, The Military Scholars Program and The McNair Scholars Program.

We are thrilled to support military veterans who are making a transition to civilian life after serving our country. This support encompasses scholarships, extensive funding of the Post 911 Yellow Ribbon Program, access to our renowned Veterans in Business Association (VIBA), along with a network of alumni and community members who support our military veterans. Rice Business has been designated a 2016 Military Friendly school by Victory Media.


Financial Aid Statistics

Average Aid Package

Average Scholarship / Grant Aid Package

Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

All Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

New Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Loans

Tuition Full-Time (per year)

Tuition (In-State)
Tuition (Out-State)
Fees (In-State)
Fees (Out-State)

Expenses per Academic Year

Estimated Room And Board On-Campus
Estimated Room And Board Off-Campus
Academic Expenses

Student Body Profile

Total Enrollment
Part Time



34% female
66% male

Campus Life

From The School

Rice Business has 35 student clubs with 144 officer positions and more than 130 events annually.

Rice Business Board Fellows places MBA students on local nonprofit boards.

M.A. Wright Fund is a student-run fund where students learn, develop, and apply effective stock analysis and portfolio management risk and return techniques. The Rice Business Plan Competition is the largest and richest graduate-level business plan competition in the world. Week on Wall Street is a New York City trip where students meet with alumni, recruiters and business professionals at banks and other financial services institutions.

Silicon Valley Trek is a trip where students meet with entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and alumni.

Jones EdGE is an intersession abroad during winter, spring and summer breaks.

Students Say

Jones manages to consistently attract "thoughtful, engaging, smart [and] driven" stu- dents. Perhaps even more importantly, MBA candidates here tend to be "very friendly" as well. As one first-year student happily shares, "Everyone is looking out for each other." Many individuals also report that their peers seem to have "a well defined work/life/study balance." This can likely be attributed to the fact that a large number of students are "married or married with children." Thankfully, you'll also find "a broad range of personalities and backgrounds." However, we are warned that while Jones is "internationally diverse" there's a "very low number of African American students."

It's quite common for Rice MBAs to spend a good deal of time in their academic build- ing. Hence, they relish the fact that "many study rooms and resources are available" and greatly appreciate that there are loads of "on campus food options." MBA candidates also love the fact that the "university gym is across the street" making it "convenient to get some exercise in before or after class." Best of all, the facilities are "in good condi- tion," "accessible" and "eco friendly."

Finally, socially speaking, students proudly boast that " there are more opportunities to get involved and network than you can take advantage of." Indeed, there's "an event every night if you can make the time." As one content student explains in further detail, "We have a class party every Thursday where free food and beer is provided. Everyone brings their spouses and kids." All of these activities help to affirm the conviction that the friendships and connections forged at Jones "will endure long after graduation."

More Information

% of Classrooms with Internet Access

Campus-wide Internet Network

Internet Access for All Students

Admissions Office Contact

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Campus and Location

Rice University is on a 300-acre, tree-lined campus in Houston, Texas, the fourth largest city in the U.S.

Minutes from downtown and the city's world-class theater district, the campus sits across the street from the renowned Texas Medical Center and within walking distance to the museum district, the zoo, Hermann Park and a short train ride to all the major sports arenas.


McNair Hall is the 167,000-square-foot home of Rice Business. Centrally located on campus, it houses a state-of-the-art finance center; tiered, high-tech classrooms; a 450-seat auditorium; multiple break-out rooms; a Student Program Office with a dedicated team to assist students with all academic, leadership and social initiatives throughout the MBA experience, and a Career Management Center that supports each student's development of a career plan throughout their time in the program and also serves alumni.

Sue Oldham
Executive Director of Admissions

MBA Admissions, PO Box 2932 - MS 531
Jones School
Houston, TX 77252-2932
United States