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At Simon Business School, our success comes from teaching our students how to analyze problems and create innovative and solid recommendations for business strategy. As a result, our graduates can confidently communicate their work and drive the most important business decisions. It?s the difference between presenting sound solutions and simply selling fast and easy answers.

Test Scores

GMAT (25th and 75th percentiles)
640 - 700
3.24 - 3.59


Early Application Deadline
October 15

Regular Application Deadline
January 5

Rolling Admission Deadline
May 15

Round 1
October 15

Round 2
January 5

Round 3
March 15

Round 4
May 15

Other Admission Factors


Undergraduate GPA
Letters of Recommendation
Essay / Personal Statement

Work Experience

School Type And Accreditation

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Degrees Offered

Simon Business School offers several exciting and challenging program options. Whether you are a young professional just starting your career, or a seasoned veteran looking to sharpen and update your skills, these programs offer full immersion into the business school experience.

Full-Time MBA Study
Simon is known for its strong reputation for quantitative work. The MBA program shows students how to use data to formulate better insights and get buy-in for their ideas. Simon's emphasis on analytical thinking and economics has given student's a new perspective on the role of data?how it's used and misused. They learn to make sure the questions being asked are the right ones.

Professional MBA (PMBA)
Top organizations are looking for professionals who can solve unstructured business problems and present workable solutions. With a Simon MBA, you'll acquire in-demand skills through a challenging academic curriculum. Professional MBA students can also choose from numerous areas of concentration to specialize their education. If you would like to enhance your professional prospects, now is the time to consider the Simon Professional MBA program. Typically complete their degrees in 2.5 years. There are two entrance dates, March or September.

Executive MBA Program (EMBA)
The EMBA program offers candidates the same curriculum, resources, and faculty as the full-time program without career interruption. Classes meet every other Saturday, and one Friday per month. Blackboard Collaborate technology allows students to attend the second Saturday online, as needed. As a result, students have the option to attend on campus one weekend per month. Simon also offers an EMBA program in Bern, Switzerland. (The program is completed in 22 months).

Part-Time MBA
Top organizations are looking for professionals who can solve unstructured business problems and present workable solutions. With a Simon MBA, you'll acquire in-demand skills through a challenging academic curriculum. Professional MBA students can also choose from numerous areas of concentration to specialize their education. If you would like to enhance your professional prospects, now is the time to consider the Simon Professional MBA program.

MS Programs
Full-Time MS program options include: Accountancy, Finance, Marketing Analytics, and Business Analytics. The MS in Finance, Marketing Analytics, and Business Analytics programs are all STEM-certified programs. Simon also offers a Part-Time MS program in Medical Management.

Academic Programs

Simon?s analytic, economics-based curriculum provides students with powerful and enduring frameworks to explain and predict the behavior of markets, organizations, and individual decision makers. As a result, our graduates are thoroughly prepared to take on the ever-changing marketplace throughout their careers. Our faculty helps them get there not only through a challenging, rigorous education, but also with support, coaching, and personalized instruction. Simon emphasizes teamwork, allowing each student to benefit from the diverse makeup of the student body that has hailed from over 130 different countries over the years and a variety of personal and professional backgrounds. Over 15,000 graduates form an influential network extending around the globe.

Simon EDGE is a professional skill development program that augments the technical knowledge students acquire in the classroom with high-impact personal development experiences throughout the course of their MBA. The program focuses on key strengthening competencies today?s employers demand in graduate business students including: problem-solving, communication, teamwork, and leadership skills.

First Year Curriculum

Accounting, Analytics, Business Consulting, Business Modeling, Capital Budgeting, Information Systems, Marketing, Operations, and three electives, as well as Business Communications.

Second Year Curriculum

Organization and Strategy, and eight electives.

Areas Of Interest

  • Brand Management
  • Business Systems Consulting
  • Competitive and Organizational Strategy
  • Computers and Information Systems
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Health Sciences Management
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Operations Management
  • Pricing
  • Public Accounting
  • Strategy and Organizations

Special Academic Programs

Year after year, the Simon Business School consistently ranks high on the lists of top b-school programs. These rankings include: Bloomberg Businessweek, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times of London, Forbes and The Economist.


The world-renowned Simon faculty is known as much for its excellence in academic research as it is for its instruction and innovation. Simon professors keep the spirit of debate alive and well. You will quickly discover that great minds do not always think alike. Instead, the scholarly insights they offer in class and in print will challenge your assumptions, and build your expertise for success in today?s business climate.

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Faculty Information

Total Faculty


Students Say

There's no denying that Rochester 's William E. Simon Graduate School of Business Administration is an academic powerhouse. Trust us—you'll need a strong work ethic to get through the "rigorous" curriculum. After all, Simon places a "heavy emphasis on quantitative analysis and economics." On top of that, the school operates on a "ten-week quarter system" so classes "move very quickly."

Many MBAs are drawn to the program due to the school's high ranking finance and accounting departments. Fortunately, while it's definitely a "quant school," Simon still manages to foster a "very collaborative environment." As a very happy second-year adds, "I get the sense that I'm not only building a strong professional network once I graduate, but a whole new set of friends."

Additionally, Rochester MBAs are privy to "top-notch" professors who frequently demonstrate "progressive way[s] of approaching and solving problems." Simon instructors are also "incredibly knowledgeable in their fields and a source of invaluable information, mainly in the realms of finance and economics." And they tend to go "out of their way to ensure students are grasping the material." Indeed, they are "willing to meet outside of class to cover any material [with which] you are having difficulty." As a pleased first-year MBA explains, "All of them have responded to inquiries I've made outside of class rapidly and, due to the small class sizes, they quickly recognize you and get to know you as a student." MBAs here also happily report that the administration is equally "engaged" and "alert to [student] interest and concerns."


Healthcare Administration
Information Systems/Information Technology
International Business
MD/MBA - Dual Degree

Specialized Masters

Healthcare Administration

Center for Research



Courses in Sustainability

Sustainability course is


Research Opportunities in Sustainability


Career Overview

From The School

The Career Management Center team works diligently to develop new and enhance existing corporate partnerships to provide a wide range of career opportunities for both summer internships and full-time career positions.

The CMC?s staff offers a targeted, personalized approach to assist students in identifying, initiating, and implementing highly effective career search plans.

2016 Full-Time MBA Career Placement Results:
95 percent of students secured job placement within three months post graduation. This ranks Simon No. 8 among US business schools for job placement three months post graduation among ranked business schools (Bloomberg Businessweek, October 2016).

Average Starting Salary
Accepted employment by 3 months after graduation

Finding Jobs & Internships

Source Of Full-Time Job Acceptances
School Facilitiated
Graduate Facilitated

Graduates Employed by Area of Practice

General Management
Information Technology
Human Resources

Graduates Employed by Region


Students Say

The Career Management Center at Simon is designed to help turn students' profession- al dreams into a reality. MBA candidates can take advantage of individualized career counseling and reap the benefits of mock interviews and resume development sessions. Impressively, the center has dedicated experts on staff that cover specific industries like technology, healthcare, brand management, energy, consulting and operations and finan- cial services. These specialists work aggressively to maintain relationships with employers and business leaders, connecting these individuals with Simon students and graduates.

Employers who frequently recruit and/or hire Simon MBAs include: Accenture, Expedia, Inc., American Express Company, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP, Bank of America, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Citigroup, Comcast and Wells Fargo.

Job Function

Job Function % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Finance / Accounting 36% $94,500 $92,028 $70,000 $115,000
Marketing / Sales 30% $91,000 $91,248 $70,000 $120,000
Consulting 15% $120,000 $118,364 $82,000 $145,000
Operations / Logistics 9% $120,000 $119,833 $117,000 $125,000
General Management 5% $105,000 $105,000 $100,000 $110,000
Information Technology 3%
Human Resources 1%
Other 1%


Industries % of Grads Seeking Employment Who Accept
Jobs w/in 3 Months
Median Salary Mean Salary Low Base Salary High Base Salary
Financial Services 25% $97,750 $95,625 $75,000 $115,000
Technology 20% $110,000 $106,604 $85,000 $125,000
Consulting 16% $120,000 $114,273 $70,000 $145,000
Consumer Products 15% $85,000 $86,889 $74,000 $103,000
Manufacturing 9% $90,304 $88,560 $70,752 $100,000
Other 5% $95,000 $101,667 $95,000 $115,000
Government 1%
Media / Entertainment 1%
Petroleum / Energy 1%
Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology / Healthcare 1%
Real Estate 1%

Prominent Alumni

Douglas Petno
CEO, Commercial Banking, JP Morgan Chase

Mark Grier
Vice Chairman, Prudential Insurance Co.

Jay Benet
Vice Chairman/CFO- Travelers Companies

Mark Ain
Founder and Chairman/Kronos Incorporated

Sandeep Pahwa
Vice Chairman/Head of Investment Banking , SE Asia, Barclays Capital


From The School

In addition to the $150 application fee, tuition is $46,000/year for 2017-2018. Books, fees, room and board, personal, and optional health insurance expenses are estimated at approximately $21,350 for the 2017-2018 academic year.


Both US and international applicants are eligible for merit awards. In fact, Simon Business School offers merit-based scholarship support to over 80% of our incoming Full-Time MBA students each year.


Application Deadlines
May 1

Financial Aid Statistics

Average Aid Package

Average Scholarship / Grant Aid Package

Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

All Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Some Form Of Aid

New Students Receiving Scholarships / Grants

New Students Receiving Loans

Tuition Full-Time (per year)

Tuition (In-State)
Tuition (Out-State)
Fees (In-State)
Fees (Out-State)

Tuition Part-Time (per credit hour)

Tuition (In-State)
Tuition (Out-State)

Expenses per Academic Year

Estimated Room And Board On-Campus
Estimated Room And Board Off-Campus
Academic Expenses

Student Body Profile

Total Enrollment
Part Time

Foreign Countries Represented



39% female
61% male

Campus Life

From The School

Approximately 400 full-time MBA and MS students join the Simon community every year. August entrants complete the first-year core courses during the fall and winter quarters. The majority of January entrants complete core courses during the winter, spring, and summer quarters.

In the MBA Class of 2017, 18 countries are represented; prior full-time work experience averages 5.5 years, and the average age is 28. Women comprise 44 percent of the class.

Students Say

Rochester MBAs take pride in describing their fellow students as "very ambitious," "hard working" and "intellectually capable." They are also "culturally diverse" and highly "wel- coming." While everyone seems to be "proud of their backgrounds," they strive to "join together to form a common collective at Simon for the benefit of all." Indeed, they are truly "focused on ensuring the team does well [as opposed to] individual students."

During the week, most students are focused on the "academic grind," either attending classes or working on projects. And they can often be found hanging around local cafes "study[ing], mingl[ing] and coach[ing] each other." The campus itself is "beautiful" with "great facilities." And it's "always buzzing with activities."

Finally, we're told that "Rochester is a nice small city with enough things to do." However, "don't expect a NYC level of nightlife and entertainment." Thankfully, "there's enough to do, you just have to spend a little more time finding the options. A car/bike is a must, as public transit is really spotty. Overall, though, great place to spend two years."

More Information

% of Classrooms with Internet Access

Campus-wide Internet Network

Internet Access for All Students

Admissions Office Contact

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Campus and Location

Simon Business School is situated on the River Campus of the University of Rochester, near the banks of the Genesee River, and three miles from downtown Rochester, New York. It is one of seven schools and colleges within the University of Rochester.


The following is a description of Simon Business School facilities:

Schlegel Hall is a four-story classroom and student services building. The building contains nine theater-style classrooms, which seat 35 to 100 students, and 21 rooms for group study. Classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audio and visual technology.

James S. Gleason Hall is the 38,000-square-foot classroom building linked to Schlegel Hall. Gleason Hall houses five classrooms, up to 16 study rooms, and a significantly expanded Career Management Center suite, including eight dedicated interview rooms.

Carol G. Simon Hall houses the school's administration, faculty, and PhD students. Carol G. Simon Hall is linked to Schlegel and Gleason Halls by the Florescue-von Manstein Plaza. The building contains more than 75 offices, several conference rooms, and a variety of lounge spaces for faculty and staff.

Rebekah S. Lewin
Asst Dean of Admissions & Financial Aid

305 Schlegel Hall
Rochester, NY 14627-0107
United States




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