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The Savannah College of Art and Design specializes in “practical applications” of fine arts education and preparing students with “the connections, resources, and opportunities” they need to find job placement after graduation. The College is “always bringing in companies” which “open doors,” and students have strong connections with alumni. Unique collaborations come out of these connections with industry contacts, such as the Collaborative Learning Center, “where multidisciplinary teams of students come together under the guidance of a professor to develop a product, campaign, or solution of a problem for a real world company.” Other real-world work collaborations include working with “several major festivals like the Savannah Film Festival,” which offer bonus opportunities for networking. “I have been offered jobs solely because I have SCAD on my resume,” says one student. Another says, “The networking is incredible. I’ve had my portfolio reviewed by people at the top of my industry.” Students crow over the school’s “quality, professional equipment and facilities” and “up-to-date technology.” Each and every program has a “dedicated staff, beautiful buildings and resources, large-scale events, and a passionate student body,” which creates an immersive experience that offers “authentic interactions with alumni and real-world people.” Students point to the “dynamic range” of majors and programs, including Industrial Design and Interior Design, and “rare” offerings such as the UX Design and Service Design. The professors are “remarkable.” They have “relevant work-force experience and a passion for instilling passion in students.” Faculty “respects students and are respected right back.” Says one student: “I am good friends—lifelong friends—with my professors.”

Student Body

SCAD students are “incredibly unique” and “eccentric” artists dedicated to “pushing their work into new, exciting forms.” This creates an “environment of constant exploration and creation” among an “open and accepting community.” As a group, SCAD students tend to be “liberal, innovated, passionate, and motivated.” Students take pride in all of the hard work they put into the short quarter system. Students mention touring other schools and finding the “quality of work to blow theirs out of the water.” Students note that this isn’t just—or even mostly—about recruiting talent, but rather it is indicative of SCAD “pushing” students with “intense workloads that trains us to not settle for average ideas.” Says one student: “I would say that my peers are very creative and critical. SCAD definitely trains students to engage in detailed critiques of theirs and others’ work.” Students come from all over the world to attend SCAD, and “unite to foster creative thinking and innovation through their work, as well as share ideas.” As a whole, students are “very supportive of each other and their work.” International students feel that their “needs are taken into consideration” and appreciate the “culturally diverse” classrooms. Students generally feel that “there’s great integration between U.S. students and international students.” “You can really pick up on your peer’s talents,” a student says. And this being an art school, you can’t overlook the benefits of the student body being “quite a stylish bunch.”

Campus Life

While campus life is focused mostly on work, the school is well integrated into the city, with “SCAD buildings all over Savannah,” and “you can work in any of them.” Life in Savannah offers tons of events, such as Art March, Taste Of Savannah, and the farmers market that happens around the city. There’s “great nightlife,” as well, with restaurants and a healthy bar scene. For fun in the sun, Tybee Beach is just a twenty-minute drive away. There’s also Forsyth Park, where groups of students often gather to relax or work on projects. There is “a lot of time spent doing homework, working on projects and collaborative projects across majors,” but students say the “work is meaningful” and often tied to what they are “passionate about.” Yes, students work hard at SCAD, but there are good options for de-stressing, including a “fitness facility,” “occasional parties,” even though “most people just go downtown,” and “weekend road trips to surrounding states.”

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SCAD Museum of Art
Jen Library
Trustees Theatre

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River Street
City Market
Tybee Beach
Historic District
Various museums and historic homes

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Campus Tours
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Dates: Year-round
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Various dates throughout the year.

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Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport Greyhound Bus Station Amtrak Train Station Local bus service and taxis available Free campus shuttles services

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Access from I-95 and I-16.

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Numerous hotels and motels available throughout the historic district that are very accessible to the campus.


Applicants: 11,723
Acceptance Rate: 71%
Average HS GPA: 3.51



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