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Not sure which test to take or when? We've put together these step-by-step timelines with some recommendations you can follow from freshman to senior year.

You’ll know what you need to do and when you need to do it to reach your goals with the confidence that you are doing all the right things for your future.

Freshman & Sophomore Year

Now you’re in high school—your first major step to deciding what you want. Here's how the timeline will help you:

  • Start high school off on the right foot by getting all your Freshman Year questions answered
  • Stay on track during the early years of high school by printing out Freshman and Sophomore Year timelines
  • Learn the benefits of quality over quantity when it comes to extracurricular activities

Download the Freshman & Sophomore Year Timeline

Junior Year

You’ve hit your stride in high school now. It’s an important time to take key steps toward reaching your future goals. Here's how the timeline will help you:

  • Hang the Junior Year Checklist on the fridge to mark off all your accomplishments
  • Learn the differences between the recommended and traditional testing timeline
  • Figure out how you should be spending your summers and when to investigate financial aid

Download the Junior Year Timeline

Senior Year

You did it! You have made it to that pivotal time when the steps you take now matter more than ever toward achieving your goals. Here's how the timeline will help you:

  • Keep track of the college application process with a Senior Year Checklist
  • Print out your Senior Year Testing Timeline and hang it on the fridge
  • Find out what to do once you've been accepted to college

Download the Senior Year Timeline

Feel free to share these prep timelines with as many people as you wish. It's important for parents, students, and educators to be as sensibly informed as possible.

Are you crafting your college prep schedule? Plan ahead for upcoming test dates: