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Grades are a key factor in college admission. Learn how to calculate your GPA on the 4.0 scale and get the grades you need for college.

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  • ACT Scores Chart | Prep

    ACT Scores Chart

    Wondering how to calculate your ACT score? Check out an ACT score chart, and learn how the answers you get right translate to your overall score.

  • ACT Writing Score Secrets | Prep

    ACT Writing Score Secrets

    ACT graders read hundreds of essays. Learn what graders are looking for to get a great ACT writing score.

  • ACT Practice Questions | Prep

    ACT Practice Questions

    Are you ready for the ACT? Test your ACT reading, math, and science skills with these ACT practice questions.

  • ACT Reading Strategies to Boost Your Score | Prep

    ACT Reading Strategies to Boost Your Score

    The ACT Reading Test is different from the tests you take in school. Learn the ACT reading strategies and prep tips that will help you raise your score.

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